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Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers on the 15 March 2001 hailed the £300m contract to build an oil-processing module for Nigeria as a major boost to UK manufacturing and an important step towards achieving full employment in all parts of the United Kingdom.

Over 4,000 jobs will be created by the deal involving AMEC and Shell.

The building of the module is part of the £1.6bn deepwater Bonga development which will process 225,000 barrels of oil a day.

It means:

The contract will inject £100m of work in the UK supply chain and is the largest ever overseas offshore contract.

The jobs include highly specialist electrical and mechanical engineers and draughtsmen, as well as platers, pipefitters, welders, electricians and instrument technicians.

Stephen Byers said today: "It's a massive jobs boost, particularly for the North East.

"It's more good news for manufacturing in this country, coming on the back of Nissan's decision to build the new Micra at Sunderland and further investment from Rolls Royce, Ford at Bridgend and Toyota.

"The project the first major development in deep waters offshore Nigeria, so this contract is of vital strategic importance.

"It will put the UK in an excellent position when it comes to winning future contracts in the country, as well as other deep water projects because we will have the relevant technology and expertise.

"Coming the day after yesterday's excellent job news, this is a further boost for employment and an important step towards achieving full employment in all regions of the UK."

The announcement follows a series of other recent manufacturing investments including:


The proposed abolition of the withholding tax obligation on companies paying interest and royalties to other companies taxable in the UK has been extended to annuities and annual payments. This is a welcome extension that will also reduce the red tape, provided the rules for the paying company are sensible.

For example, providers of venture capital that are not banks will be able to receive interest without suffering the cash flow disadvantages of having withholding tax deducted.

The extension does not extend to UK exempt bodies such as pensions funds and charities. However, the possibility of such an extension in the future is left open. Also, many would like an extension to non-resident companies entitled to exemptions. This would further reduce the compliance burden and is a measure that would be welcomed by multi-nationals.

Stamp duty

Apart from repeating the statement made in the pre-budget report that stamp duty will be abolished in the acquisition of properties in designated deprived areas, no other changes have emerged in the Budget press releases.

Rates remain unchanged,. No anti-avoidance rules have been published. Stamp duty continues to be charged on share transfers.

We await with interest further information on how the designated deprived areas exemption will operate. Stamp duty is not charged anyway under current rules where houses cost £60,000 or less. The exemption is therefore, likely most relevant for individual purchases of residential properties in London. In practice, how are the disadvantaged communities property marked out from the Georgian terrace on the other side of the road?


Increases in jobs and further falls in unemployment are welcome news, the Confederation of British Industry said last Wednesday.

Kate Barker, CBI's Chief Economist, said: "The latest set of figures is encouraging, especially our good performance on manufacturers' productivity and unit labour costs. The very slight increase in manufacturing jobs was also good news, but we need to await further data in order to assess whether this was a temporary blip.

"Although headline earnings growth was unchanged, the January figures were a little disappointing, given that they were being compared with January 2000 when millennium special payments were widespread."

ILO unemployment fell by 81,000 between the three months ending October 2000 and the three months ending January 2001. The claimant count measure for February was down in comparison to January with a fall of 10,600 being recorded.

The number of jobs in manufacturing rose by 8,000 between December and January and now stands at 3.899 million.

Average earnings increased by 4.4 per cent over the year to the three months ending January 2001, unchanged from the three months ending December and down from 5.7 per cent in the three months ending January 2000.


he British Chambers of Commerce reacted positively to the latest official figures showing a fall in unemployment to below the one million mark, but warned that the removal of unnecessary cost burdens on business and further interest rate cuts were necessary for job growth to continue.

Ian Fletcher, Chief Economist at the British Chambers of Commerce said:

"This landmark fall in unemployment is testament to a successful framework of positive labour market reform and sensible economic management. The real test for government now is to show support for further job growth by removing the barriers facing business from the increased tax and regulatory burden.”

Official figures also showed that average earnings remained stable. Reacting to the news, Ian Fletcher said:

“The Monetary Policy Committee must now look to support further business and job growth by cutting rates at its next meeting. Given that the outlook for inflation remains benign, and with manufacturers squeezed even further at the margins, a cut can be the only course of action in April.

“At its February meeting, the Monetary Policy Committee stated that the global outlook had been the key reason for a cut in rates. Since then the international economy has if anything worsened, and given the uncertain outlook, a cut in interest rates would be the right step to take to shore up confidence across the business community.”

The BCC National Conference, sponsored by Cisco Systems, will be held at the QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, during 27-28 March 2001. Speakers include William Hague, Charles Kennedy, Jack Straw, Stephen Byers, Lord Macdonald, John Monks and DeAnne Julius.


Government response to Rover Taskforce published

Major support to help regenerate the West Midlands economy was announced last week by Trade and Industry Secretary Stephen Byers.

He unveiled a package for proposals worth £59 million recommended by the Rover Task Force to modernise, diversify and regenerate the region's economy.

Making the announcement at an AEEU conference on manufacturing in West Bromwich, Stephen Byers said:

"A year ago, BMW announced its intention to sell Longbridge to the venture capitalist Alchemy. Had that gone ahead only 1,000 to 1,500 people would now be employed at Longbridge. This compares to the 7,500 presently employed there.

"At the time of BMW's announcement we decided to provide £129 million of support for good quality projects in the region. This was to deal with the consequences of mass redundancy. When the Phoenix consortium was successful we nevertheless decided to keep the funding in place. Today's funding announcement is the final part of this commitment.

"This money is key to the Government's commitment to supporting workers in the region's automotive sector and the wider regional economy.

"This package of measures will help diversify the region's economic base so it is not too reliant on one industry or employer."

Mr Byers said the Government will support the main proposals from the Rover Task Force strategy, including:

Mr Byers added:

"This package reflects the Government's commitment to economic regeneration and job creation in the West Midlands.

"Manufacturing matters to this region: it represents over 29 per cent of its GDP. It is industries in this sector which are facing the greatest challenge if they are to compete on a global stage. And it is these industries that need the most help to modernise and to adapt to change.

"We need to build on the strengths and diversity of the West Midlands economy if we are to establish lasting economic success in the region.

"This package of measures is designed to do exactly that."

Alex Stephenson, Chairman of the Rover Task Force said:

"This is wonderful news for the region, I am delighted that the Secretary of State has accepted the proposals developed by the Rover Task Force. It is the culmination of months of hard work by the many organisations in the region who contributed their time and expertise to developing this integrated package of actions. It is a testimony to the strong spirit of partnership embodied in the West Midlands.

"We believe this will help to accelerate the creation of a diverse and flexible economy, set out some 18 months ago in the West Midlands Economic Strategy. It will make us much better equipped to cope with the sort of economic shock we faced just one year ago. Along with our partners across the region, we will now get on with delivering those actions."

Stephen Byers set up the Rover Taskforce on 17 March 2000 in response to BMW's withdrawal from Rover Longbridge. Chaired by Alex Stephenson of Advantage West Midlands (AWM) the Task Force represented the key organisations concerned with regenerating the economy of the affected parts of the West Midlands. The Secretary of State pledged £129 million for good quality projects to assist in the regeneration of the region.

The Task Force contacted over 7,000 supplier chain businesses to gather information on job loss impact. The Task Force published an interim report in April 2000 setting out proposals to ameliorate the upset of BMW's decision on businesses and the wider community. Many of the recommendations were centred around helping people who had been, or were about to be made redundant from Rover Group, or its suppliers, and in helping suppliers who were in difficulty.

The Task Force Final Report was submitted to the Secretary of State on 3 July.

The total amount approved to date against the £129 million is £70 million - of which £15.7 million was approved for immediate actions and proposals arising from the interim report. The estimated spend for this is now £11.7 million.

The Secretary of State has today approved in principle a total of £36.7 million for Modernisation and Diversification proposals and set aside £22 million for Regeneration proposals. State Aids rules mean that European Commission approval will be required for many of the approved proposals.

The £59m package includes funding for proposals to modernise the automotive supply base in the region and help to support the diversification of companies serving the automotive sector into new markets and new areas of business. Also included is £22m towards plans for regeneration around three high-tech corridors in the region.




A programme of regional seminars helping smaller businesses export capital goods to emerging markets was launched on the 15 March 2001 by the Government's Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD).

The seminars will explain how some of the payment worries experienced by small and medium sized companies (SMEs) can be removed thanks to the insurance and finance services offered by ECGD.

Of the 3.7 million businesses in the UK, recent figures show that 99% are SMEs. In the last year ECGD has issued £5.5 billion of guarantees, and 15% of the companies who benefited from its support were SMEs.

Launched in conjunction with local Chambers of Commerce and Trade Partners UK, the seminars start in Macclesfield, a former mill town which is now a thriving base for smaller businesses.

Trade Minister Richard Caborn said:

"Research has shown that a good number of SMEs either turn down potential overseas export opportunities because they are afraid they won't get paid by their overseas customers, or are exporting without sufficient insurance.

"I want to make sure that these companies are fully aware that ECGD is around to help them, offering them a variety of insurance and finance."

The three-month long roadshow will take in at least 15 venues around the UK, concluding in Manchester on 27 June.

John Lannond, Chief Executive of Macclesfield Chamber of Commerce, added:

"We warmly welcome ECGD's initiative in putting this package together and going out to the regions. We hope that SME capital goods exporters locally and around the country will benefit from ECGD's seminar programme."

Further venues for the roadshow are: Torquay, Bideford, Newcastle, Exeter, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester

Venues been confirmed are: Belfast, Birmingham, Guildford, Glasgow, London, Nottingham, Liverpool

The SME package launched by Richard Caborn on 1 November consisted of: More generous rules for global sourcing, fast-track processing, the Export Insurance Policy, the Supplier Credit Financing Facility, a Recourse Indemnity, favourable margins and overseas investment insurance.

Capital goods and services include building projects, vehicle exports, production and installation of printing presses or road surfacing, and are often typically longer-term projects. http://www.ecgd.gov.uk


Automotive retail businesses across the UK experienced a 54% rise in the number of firms saying they were in trouble in the second half of the year 2000. Eighty-eight businesses in the sector made negative financial or performance announcements of some sort in the last six months of 2000, compared to just 57 in the first half.

There was better news however on the engineering front, which includes the automotive manufacturers and their suppliers. While there were 788 companies announcing troubled times throughout the year, the first half figure of 438 dropped to 340 in the second half.

The figures are compiled for business advisory firm KPMG by Mandis Information Services Ltd in Nottingham and report the numbers of businesses, whether quoted or unquoted, making negative announcements of any kind on subjects such as profit warnings, redundancies, significant restructuring etc..

Commenting on the findings, Richard Boot, Head of Industrial & Automotive Products at KPMG, said: “What our figures show is a tale of two sectors. The much maligned manufacturing sector is showing signs of improvement and learning to cope with the obvious pressures it faces. However, the figures also show the extent of the difficulties which affected the retailers in the tail end of last year. Of the 145 announcements made nationwide during 2000, 54 of those occurred from October to December. The most likely reason for this was companies’ nervousness over how the decreased production schedules of the major automotive manufacturers would affect them.”

“The disappointing thing was that this nervousness negated the optimism brought about by improving car sales figures in the second half of the year when dropping car prices attracted consumers back into the showrooms. Thankfully, this situation has since been turned around. The improvements, in performance terms, that these businesses have already started to show this year, thanks to continued increased consumer confidence, shows how that nervousness was misplaced. However, the uncertainty over how the industry will be affected by the block exemption review still remains.”

Within the retail statistics, the West Midlands accounted for 31 of the 145 negative announcements. They were closely followed by the Eastern Counties with 25, a figure which includes several high profile profit warnings from dealership groups.

Looking at the manufacturing results, Richard Boot commented: “We can’t get away from the fact that there are still an awful lot of struggling businesses in this sector (788) and that the majority are still where we would expect – 201 in the West Midlands and 109 in the North East. The fact that the second half year stats are rosier in both regions is very encouraging though. However, the North East in particular must guard against undue optimism brought about by these figures and the recent Nissan announcement. In fact, the region’s manufacturers must now be preparing themselves to deal with Nissan’s stated objective of increased Euro-zone sourcing.”

“My estimation is that the majority of the struggling companies would be made up of component and capital goods manufacturers. These two sectors have suffered more than most due to the currency and export problems and the uncertainty over domestic demand.”




Beatties, the transport buffs' favourite model shop, goes into receivership and its heritage toy collections are up for sale.

Beatties, the transport buffs' favourite model toy shop, went into administrative receivership with its holding company, the Era Group plc on the 14 March, 2001. All that remains for sale is "The Beatties Collection", a museum-quality collection of heritage transport toys from generations of production from model toy marques as famous as Corgi and Hornby. The collection is to be auctioned by Phillips soon with a reserve price of around £50,000. Alan Bloom and Chris Hill, partners at Ernst & Young, were appointed as joint administrative receivers by Barclays Bank at the request of Era's directors. The company's shares were suspended from the AIM list on 27 February 2001.

The Group, whose main subsidiaries are Beatties of London Ltd and Richard Kohnstam Ltd, the importer of radio-controlled model transport toys, was the subject of a restructuring initiative last year. The company was relisted on AIM as new funding was raised and a company voluntary arrangement implemented. 34 of Beatties' then 60-strong chain were closed or sold so that activity could be concentrated on money-making stores.

However, two factors came into play to depress the Group's fortunes, according to Chris Hill of Ernst & Young: "Beatties' fellow subsidiary and partial supplier, Richard Kohnstam lost its licence to distribute Tamiya-branded radio-controlled toys and was wound down. This terminated a vital income stream at a time when Beatties' revenues continued to suffer from tough retail trading conditions, depressed stock levels and intense competition from the toys' multiples."

A deal has already been completed by Ernst & Young for the sale of 13 of Beatties' 26 stores to Hilco, which will continue to trade these stores. Hilco has also purchased the stock from the remaining 13 stores, which will close. The Group employed 250 staff, approximately 116 of whom have been transferred to Hilco. Unfortunately, the remaining staff will be made redundant.


Unprofitable branches of menswear retailer Ciro Citterio may have to close as administrators from Kroll Buchler Phillips step in. For this story please go to http://www.accountingweb.co.uk/item/41128/448


Contributed by Keith Steven E-mail Keith Steven [email protected]

Company Rescues - A Change for the Better?

Over 850 companies fail in England and Wales each week. This startling statistic reflects poorly on the "rescue culture" eagerly sought by a succession of Secretaries of State of the DTI.

What rescue culture? Where do directors in distress find support, pragmatic advice and guidance when there is a distinct paucity of support for directors when things are going wrong? Unlike successful, growing businesses, distressed businesses cannot turn to "how to" books, online instruction manuals or to a plethora of experts and consultants.

When a business is viable but under pressure we believe that a support structure is required and a different type of advisor is needed. In the current legislative environment, an insolvency practitioner (IP) is the only person who can act in rescue or closure mechanisms on behalf of directors, members and creditors. It is our experience that only a few IP's have detailed and practical experience of the hands-on element of turnround. This is not a criticism because we believe to be successful in turnround there has to be hands-on, pragmatic and experienced assistance to directors "caught in the headlights".

There are moves afoot to allow experienced and high quality consultants to be "licensed turnround practitioners" to help SME's and larger companies in the turnround phase; I think that this approach is a good step to increasing visibility of techniques. This turnround practitioner could work hand in hand with the IP - this may lead to more successfulturnroundss.

So, what are the rescue mechanisms available to companies in distress?

Most directors have heard of a number of these mechanisms; few understand them in any detail. Many are shrouded in some form of archaic secrecy; unnecessarily, in my view, because I believe that these options should be required reading for directors to enable them to make balanced and correct decisions as often as possible.

The mechanisms are:

  1. The Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA). This much-maligned mechanism is the best technique available to companies that are viable but have significant debt issues.
  2. Administration. This mechanism is used when the company is under severe pressure and cannot be protected from creditors. The aims of administration are to: protect the business whilst preparing a CVA; achieve a more orderly realisation of assets; or a sale. This is often an expensive mechanism and unnecessary in the majority of cases.
  3. Receivership. IP's call this a rescue mechanism. Although the business is often rescued, the original company is wound up. Almost all creditors and shareholders receive nothing.
  4. Liquidation. Again, many believe that a phoenix of the business is a rescue. If it was not viable, a phoenix can be effective. If it is a viable business, I would question why it has gone into a closure mechanism. The attendant risks: loss of goodwill; costs; tax losses and other issues make liquidation unnecessary for a viable business.
  5. Re-financing. The classic approach to increasing pressure is for directors to refinance assets. Many new asset based finance products have appeared in recent years. Often, use of these products only has the effect of creating more debt and, if the business is not yet profitable (but viable), it can precipitate failure because of the serviceability issue.
  6. Informal Deals with Creditors - Clearly informal deals with creditors are not legally binding and can involve a lot of time and effort. The benefits are that they are not public.

In summary, we would say that, if the business is viable and it has a profitable future, then it should be rescued somehow. Clearly, there has to be a desire and determination on behalf of the directors and/or shareholders to drive the rescue process once embarked upon.

Our wide experience in the CVA mechanism means that we have been involved in the evolution of the technique. Having been involved in hundreds of voluntary arrangements over a period of 6 years I believe that it is a very powerful, pragmatic and flexible method for saving insolvent but viable businesses.

What is a CVA really?

Essentially it is a deal between the company and its creditors; over an agreed period, a prescribed amount is repaid to those creditors from future profitability. It is essential that the CVA is properly structured and that the company does not promise to repay too much or too quickly. Stripping out all its future profitability will lead to inevitable failure. This is perhaps why the CVA mechanism has such a mixed reputation; a lack of commercial approach to the mechanism leads to failed deals.

What are the changes that the Insolvency Act 2000 has brought to this mechanism?

For companies that are able to conform with the requirement to be called a small company (assets of less than £1.4m, under 50 employees or sales under £2.8m), the directors can now apply for a moratorium. Essentially, this means that the company is protected whilst preparing a CVA and virtually no legal actions can be taken against the business during period. Clearly, it gives management time to put together a sensibly structured deal, a review of what management change is necessary and how the business is going to be funded after the CVA is approved.

The legislator's view was that this detailed analysis often couldn't be undertaken, as creditors were pursuing the company, who want to see their money repaid and/or the business cease to trade. In my opinion, the moratorium, whilst boosting the discussion of the CVA as a mechanism, is largely academic. Most companies that are viable and wish to propose a CVA can be protected by a de facto moratorium whereby, under case law, the business can pursue a CVA even if a winding up petition is in existence (unless the petitioning creditor is owed more than 25% of the total unsecured debt). Also independent, calm, rational discussion with creditors will usually result in removal of pressure.

A negative element of the new law is that the moratorium requires advertising. The company will have to tell its creditors, its customers and advertise the fact that it is in a moratorium in the local press, the London Gazette and on all outgoing communications. The moratorium period may be stretched from 28 to 90 days to achieve a deal provided the IP believes the business is viable financially though that period.

The IP, it would appear, must become much more heavily involved in the process of the formation of the CVA and whether the business can be correctly funded. Previously, an insolvency practitioner merely took the proposal of the directors, checked its veracity and sponsored it to the creditors.

What will be the effect of these changes?

I think it an important step to increase awareness of the rescue mechanism, to attract more insolvency practitionersturnroundnd professionals and advisors towards company turnround and away from close-down and to ensure that directors and shareholders of businesses are made aware of the options. But I don't think there will be any significant change to the numbers of companies rescued until there are more structural changes towards company distress and failure.

More importantly, I think these changes to the CVA do not go far enough I believe that more changes to the CVA mechanism are still required and, although the mechanism is a very good one in many ways, there are, of course, practical weaknesses.

Other required changes?

One of those areas concerns preferential debt. Most readers will be aware of the term but it is worth explaining that the Inland Revenue has a higher status than unsecured creditors. The Revenue is a preferential creditor for debts over the previous twelve months and HM Customs and Excise has preferential status for all debts for the previous six months (both to the date of the creditors' meeting).

In a CVA all preferential debt must be repaid in full prior to the unsecured creditors receiving a dividend. The Government considered and rejected a change to this status in approved CVA's. I firmly believe that this is an essential step; this will improve the return to unsecured (generally trade) creditors, create a change in attitude from the Crown agencies towards rescue mechanisms and may allow more CVA's to be approved.

Other suggested changes include the ability to introduce new funding to companies with a high level of security to allow the funding of the business before, during and after the approval of the CVA. Without new funding, it is much more difficult to make a CVA work.

Finally and more fundamentally, we need an initiative to improve the knowledge of directors about company rescue mechanisms. This could be through SBS / Business Link, through quasi Government agencies and or from the professions. It is astonishing that most directors have no knowledge of the CVA mechanism or mixed knowledge or incorrect knowledge. This also applies to many professionals!

Keith Steven is Managing Director of KSA (NE) Limited - a specialist turnround organisation based in the North East. Keith has been involved in something over 150 other turnrounds since 1994 and is recognised nationally as a specialist in CVA's.

KSA (NE) Ltd is based in Berwick (Suite 3, Prior Hill House, Etal Rd, Berwick Upon Tweed. TD15 2ND). Contact numbers for Keith Steven are as follows: 0870 750 4553; Email: [email protected]


On 9 March 2001 the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry presented a petition in the High Court to wind up Cargo Forwarding International plc in the public interest, following enquiries made by the Companies Investigation Branch of the DTI under the provisions of s447 of the Companies Act 1985.

On the application of the Secretary of State the Court appointed the Official Receiver as the provisional liquidator of Cargo Forwarding International plc pending the hearing of the petition.

Cargo Forwarding International plc was incorporated in 1994 and traded as a storage and forwarding business.

The DTI enquiries identified that:

The registered office of Cargo Forwarding International plc is 96 London Industrial Park, Roding Road, London E6 4LS. It traded from that address and from Unit 38, Imex Business park, Hamilton Road, Longsight, Manchester.

The petition was presented under section 124A of the Insolvency Act 1986.

General enquiries concerning the affairs of the company and enquiries from people who have given the company goods for consignment that have not arrived at their destination, or believe that the company might have goods in storage belonging to them, should contact -

June Williamson at
The Insolvency Service
Public Interest Unit
PO Box 203
21 Bloomsbury Street
London WC1B 3Q

e-mail [email protected]


Jane Moriarty and Roger Oldfield of KPMG Corporate Recovery, joint administrative receivers of Frank Usher Limited, are pleased to announce the sale of the business and certain assets of the company to Slimma Plc, a quoted textile business based in the Midlands.

Jane Moriarty, KPMG Corporate Recovery Partner said:

"We are delighted to have concluded this sale which included the key brands – Frank Usher, Dusk, and Coterie – and, going forward, it should also preserve a number of jobs."

Jane Moriarty and Roger Oldfield of KPMG were appointed joint administrative receivers to Frank Usher Limited on 19 February 2001.


Contributed byhttp://www.insolvency.co.uk

For more detailed information and ALL the British Isles insolvency's (liquidation's, receiverships, administrations, dividends, creditors) please visit http://www.insolvency.co.uk


From   19/03/2001  to  27/03/2001

  Number of Creditor meetings :   256

Section   Company                          Time      Venue

138   Scotland - Interim Liquidator calling Creditors Meeting


   Dalserf Plant Hire Ltd                  10.30 am  Paisley


   Carsbynet.Co.Uk Ltd                     10.00 am  Glasgow

   Ensen (Scotland) Ltd                    11.00 am  Glasgow

   Kit Pro Construction Ltd                12.00 pm  Glasgow

   McGregor Glen Ltd                       03.00 pm  Glasgow


   Q-Trac Ltd                              12.00 pm  Glasgow


   Lauries Home Bakery Ltd                 10.30 am  Edinburgh

23    Administrator Calling a meeting of Creditors


   Cygnet Housewares Ltd                   10.30 am  Birmingham

   Staffordshire Tableware Ltd             10.30 am  Stoke-on-Trent

   Station Garage (Leyland) Ltd            11.30 am  Manchester


   Roy Thornton Metals Ltd                 11.00 am  Manchester


   First Stop Stationery Ltd               10.00 am  Leeds

   Keencatch Ltd                           10.15 am  Leeds


   Coconut Street Ltd                      10.30 am  London

48    Receiver calling unsecured Creditors Meeting


   Landis & Gyr (Holdings) UK Ltd          03.00 pm  London

   Landis & Gyr (UK) Ltd                   03.00 pm  London

   Landis & Gyr Communications (UK) Ltd    03.00 pm  London

   Vitalmalt Ltd                           03.00 pm  London


   1sr Survey (Wales & West) Ltd           11.00 am  Bristol

   Darlows Direct Ltd                      11.00 am  Bristol

   Darlows Ltd                             11.00 am  Bristol

   S2 Security Systems Ltd                 10.00 am  Sheffield


   Gmedia Technology Plc                   10.30 am  London

95    Members converting to Creditors Voluntary Liquidation


   Exponent Systems Ltd                    11.15 am  Brighton

98    Creditors Voluntary Liquidations


   Air Brake Equipment Ltd                 02.15 pm  Birmingham

   Brookfield House Care & Comm Ctre Ltd   12.00 pm  Manchester

   Centrepoint (Leicester) Ltd             03.30 pm  Sileby

   Churchgate Services Ltd                 11.00 am  London

   Colorwell Ltd                           11.00 am  Aberdeen

   Compass Engineering Systems Ltd         11.30 am  Sunderland

   Electronic Retailing Ltd                02.30 pm  London

   Fast Freight Ltd                        11.00 am  Leicester

   Grovegray (UK) Ltd                      11.30 am  Rochdale

   Harman Brothers Ltd                     11.00 am  Birmingham

   Jepmay Ltd                              10.30 am  Wakefield

   Landmark Retail Group Ltd               11.00 am  London

   Leeson Knitwear Ltd                     11.30 am  Sileby

   Linkwood Construction Ltd               11.15 am  Inverness

   Loadex Ltd                              11.00 am  Lancaster

   Lyntec Window Systems Ltd               02.30 pm  Glazebrook

   Max Maximum Security Ltd                11.30 am  Bolton

   Mourne Clothing Co Ltd                  12.00 pm  London

   N B Sports (Ipswich) Ltd                10.15 am  Ipswich

   Navedian Ltd                            12.00 pm  Aylesbury

   Quelco Ltd                              11.30 am  Peterborough

   Security Management Ltd                 12.30 pm  Bolton

   Shepherds Grove Ltd                     11.30 am  Newmarket

   Systeam Ltd                             11.00 am  Eaton

   Thomas Brown (Stockport) Ltd            10.30 am  Huddersfield

   U S C (China & Glass) Ltd               10.15 am  Loughton

   W H Wootton (Builders) Ltd              02.30 pm  Nottingham

   Yorkshire Thermal Technology Ltd        03.00 pm  Wakefield


   A & M (Furniture) Ltd                   11.45 am  London

   A & S Refurbishments Ltd                11.30 am  Kingston

   A Campbell Decorations Ltd              02.00 pm  London

   Aldervale Marketing Ltd                 12.00 pm  Salford

   Alpha Networks Ltd                      11.30 am  Winchester

   Aumac Ltd                               11.30 am  London

   Bishopsgate Marketing Services Ltd      11.30 am  Peterborough

   CI A Ltd                                12.30 pm  Manchester

   Cad Draft Solution Ltd                  02.30 pm  London

   Carnarvon Enterprises Ltd               10.00 am  London

   Courier Shop Ltd - The                  10.30 am  Weybridge

   Cresting Products Ltd                   11.30 am  Manchester

   Decoupe Ltd                             11.30 am  Weybridge

   Design Forum Ltd                        11.00 am  Birmingham

   Desres Property Management Ltd          12.00 pm  Worcester

   E-Commerce Bureau Services Ltd          11.30 am  Southampton

   FCA (UK) Ltd                            11.00 am  Corsham

   Firststake.Com  Ltd                     10.30 am  Bristol

   Freightflow Ltd                         12.00 pm  Manchester

   Gopack Superdrinks Ltd                  11.00 am  Leith

   Hertfordshire Construction Ltd          03.30 pm  London

   Industrial Contract Services Ltd        11.30 am  Maidstone

   Intromax Ltd                            11.30 am  London

   Jeff Fishlock Ltd                       11.00 am  Bristol

   Kitchen-Wizard Ltd                      03.30 pm  Lutterworth

   Mad Lighting Ltd                        10.30 am  Leicester

   Maguire Electrical Ltd                  11.00 am  Birmingham

   Marcel A Courtin Ltd                    12.00 pm  St Albans

   McIntosh Depositories Ltd               11.30 am  London

   Monafix Ltd                             11.00 am  London

   Mos Music Machine Ltd                   10.15 am  Southend-on-Sea

   Nelson Metalcraft Ltd                   11.30 am  Warrington

   PWC Builders Ltd                        10.15 am  Southend-on-Sea

   Phuture Trax Ltd                        02.00 pm  London

   Pilates Centre Ltd                      12.00 pm  London

   Pine Warehouse (Rye) Ltd - The          11.00 am  London

   Profile Laminators Ltd                  12.00 pm  London

   RHS Interiors Hire Ltd                  11.15 am  Bately

   RWL Group Ltd                           11.00 am  Bristol

   S C & M Ltd                             11.00 am  Tunbridge Wells

   S S T Cladding & Roofing Ltd            12.00 pm  London

   Sala Design Ltd                         12.00 pm  Southampton

   Smart Fashions Ltd                      11.00 am  London

   Sorak Supplies Ltd                      11.00 am  Sheffield

   Star Motors Ltd                         11.30 am  Lutterworth

   T F F Ltd                               11.00 am  Scarborough

   Tenacity Ltd                            11.30 am  London

   Toen & Country Brickwork Ltd            10.30 am  Lower Sunbury

   Travel in Print Ltd                     11.00 am  Birmingham

   Treasure Chest Direct Ltd               11.30 am  Chester

   Wizard Connections Ltd                  11.00 am  Haywards Heath

   Yorkshire Express Pallet Systems Ltd    10.30 am  Huddersfield


   Ambassador Storage Care Ltd             12.00 pm  Reading

   Apex Industrial Roofing Serv (UK) Ltd   11.00 am  Birmingham

   Auto Display UK Ltd                     11.00 am  Ipswich

   BD Profiles (Cheltenham) Ltd            11.00 am  Newbury

   Blessed Trinity Housing Asso Ltd        11.30 am  Stanmore

   Bulsare Ltd                             10.30 am  Norwich

   County Scaffold Contractors Ltd         03.30 pm  Crawley

   Cutlass Precision Engineering Ltd       11.30 am  Manchester

   Deadline Technical Services Ltd         11.00 am  Sunderland

   Dragon Security Ltd                     03.00 pm  Romford

   Dropside Associates Ltd                 11.00 am  Hull

   E T Logistics Ltd                       11.00 am  London

   Eastern Trading Corporation Ltd         03.00 pm  London

   Electric Vehicle Distribution Group Lt  11.00 am  Bristol

   Excel Research Ltd                      10.15 am  Bury

   Executel Network Solutions Ltd          02.30 pm  Newcastle-u-Tyn

   Facet Products Ltd                      10.30 am  Liverpool

   Graphtek Ltd                            12.00 pm  Reading

   Kaben Ltd                               11.00 am  London

   Kwik-Drop D-Spatch Ltd                  11.30 am  Southampton

   Manor Developments Ltd                  12.00 pm  London

   Massimo Fiorucci Ltd                    12.00 pm  London

   Milecase Ltd                            10.15 am  St Albans

   Montage Ltd                             11.00 am  London

   Morpheus Media Ltd                      11.00 am  Gloucester

   Old Values Pub Co Ltd - The             11.00 am  Bristol

   Pakka Ltd                               02.30 pm  London

   Pipeflow Utilities Ltd                  11.00 am  London

   Ponti Trevi Ltd                         11.30 am  Southampton

   RHS International Ltd                   11.30 am  Manchester

   Rivington Pub Restaurant Ltd            11.00 am  Manchester

   Signcare (UK) Ltd                       11.30 am  Sileby

   Spectrum Supplies & Services Ltd        10.00 am  Northwood

   Star Logistics Ltd                      11.00 am  Brighton

   Swiftscan Systems Ltd                   02.30 pm  Bedford

   Technisearch Ltd                        11.00 am  Birmingham

   Technisearch Rentals Ltd                11.00 am  Birmingham

   Tilecraft (Preston) Ltd                 11.30 am  Altrincham

   Walsh Utilities Ltd                     11.00 am  London

   Warren Hooker Rehab Ltd                 03.15 pm  Lyndhurst

   Waste Equipment Machinery Ltd           11.30 am  Preston

   Winterland Ltd                          03.00 pm  London

   Workingday (UK) Ltd                     12.30 pm  London

   Zandye Services Ltd                     11.00 am  Manchester


   A A Engineering Ltd                     11.00 am  London

   A-Z Retail Ltd                          11.00 am  Hove

   Bentleys of Liverpool Ltd               12.00 pm  Liverpool

   Brenley (Hydraulics) Ltd                11.00 am  London

   Brightstyle Fashions Ltd                11.00 am  London

   C S Systems Ltd                         10.30 am  Llanedeyrn

   Catalyst 100% People Ltd                10.30 am  London

   Coventry Timber Ltd                     11.00 am  Birmingham

   Dress-2-Impress Ltd                     01.00 pm  Formby

   Firesend Holdings Ltd                   01.30 pm  London

   Firesend UK Ltd                         12.00 pm  London

   Flint Steel (Mansfield) Ltd             10.00 am  Nottingham

   Frontback Ltd                           11.00 am  Shepton Mallet

   G C Lace (Electrical) Ltd               12.00 pm  Manchester

   Hyphen UK Ltd                           10.30 am  York

   Jacom Personal Computers Ltd            12.00 pm  Grimsby

   Laser UK (1993) Ltd                     11.00 am  Guildford

   Leadworks (South Wales) Ltd             12.00 pm  Cardiff

   Newsagent Ltd - The                     10.45 am  London

   P G I Technical Services Ltd            11.00 am  London

   PNC Construction Ltd                    10.00 am  Southend-on-Sea

   Pentheath Ltd                           11.00 am  Watford

   Saveon Ltd                              02.30 pm  London

   Screen to Screen Ltd                    12.00 pm  Salford

   Select Hearing Systems Ltd              03.00 pm  Manchester

   Semiras Projects Ltd                    03.30 pm  Lutterworth

   Spencer Davies & Co Ltd                 11.00 am  London

   Stage Drives & Controls Ltd             10.30 am  Norwich

   Tail Life & E V Services Ltd            11.30 am  Southampton

   Web Street Ltd                          02.15 pm  London


   Apex Business Forms Ltd                 10.15 am  Cardiff

   Armoured Elec Mech Engin Serv Ltd       04.00 pm  Colchester

   Arteeco Metalcraft Ltd                  03.15 pm  Bately

   BGE Management Services Ltd             10.15 am  Bury

   Blythe Properties Ltd                   11.00 am  London

   Caretrend Security Systems Ltd          02.30 pm  London

   Central (Wolverhampton) Ltd             11.00 am  Newcastle-u-Lym

   Chevron of London Plc                   02.00 pm  London

   Chiltern Conservatory Co Ltd            10.30 am  London

   Computer Supercentres Ltd               12.00 pm  Cardiff

   Dabar Timber Services Ltd               10.30 am  Glasgow

   David Northage & Co Ltd                 11.30 am  Oadby

   Disc Directory Ltd                      11.30 am  Bristol

   Easy-IP Ltd                             11.15 am  Doncaster

   Euro Import/Export Ltd                  11.00 am  London

   Farerange Computers Ltd                 12.00 pm  London

   Global One Ltd                          03.30 pm  Southend-on-Sea

   Grange Hill Garage Ltd                  11.00 am  London

   Gryson Plus Ltd                         12.00 pm  Llanedryn

   HMA Installations Ltd                   11.00 am  Bristol

   Hansed Systems Ltd                      11.30 am  Southampton

   Hempsall Truck & Van Ctre (Norwich) Lt  01.00 pm  Tombland

   Heronstar Ltd                           11.30 am  Oldham

   Jack Sakol Ltd                          12.00 pm  Glasgow

   Jepline Ltd                             11.30 am  Sileby

   Julip Ltd                               10.30 am  Weymouth

   K E N Supplies Ltd                      04.00 pm  Aylesford

   Media Web Offset Ltd                    12.30 pm  London

   PCE Electrical Wholesalers Ltd          10.30 am  Sheffield

   Pauton Press Ltd                        10.15 am  Ripley

   Pine Homes Ltd                          01.00 pm  Ashford

   Sign Apps Ltd                           11.15 am  London

   Spencer Home Improvements Ltd           11.30 am  St Helens

   Wessex Motorzone Ltd                    12.00 pm  Bournemouth


   Bacon Direct Ltd                        12.00 pm  Glasgow

   Baranbond Ltd                           11.00 am  Hornchurch

   CDT 2000 Ltd                            11.00 am  Rochdale

   Crest Commercial Removals Ltd           02.30 pm  London

   Cybergrandad Ltd                        03.30 pm  Barnet

   Fabric Factory (Nottingham) Ltd - The   11.30 am  Nottingham

   Goddin Building Ltd                     10.30 am  Chandlers Ford

   J M Hobson Design & Build Ltd           12.00 pm  Sandiacre

   Munshi Brothers Ltd                     11.00 am  Bolton

   Netdiary Ltd                            02.30 pm  Barnet

   OBP Contractors Ltd                     02.30 pm  London

   Perfect Music Ltd                       11.00 am  Barnet

   Phil Watson & Co (North West) Ltd       11.00 am  Manchester

   Porchester Engineering Co Ltd           11.00 am  Birmingham

   Southern Converters Ltd                 11.00 am  London

   Talent to Work (Ltd by Guarantee)       11.00 am  Bath

   Treehouse UK Ltd                        11.30 am  Peterborough


   Angelcast Ltd                           12.00 pm  London

   Avago Pet Products Ltd                  12.00 pm  Hale

   Baltic Tableware Ltd                    10.30 am  Rotherham

   Bradys Ltd                              12.00 pm  Manchester

   Brooklands Litho Services Ltd           12.00 pm  London

   Choicepark Ltd                          11.30 am  Manchester

   Company of Cane Ltd - The               12.00 pm  Southampton

   Forum of St Albans Plc - The            11.00 am  St Albans

   Fromax Ltd                              11.00 am  London

   Internet Gateway Systems Ltd            12.00 pm  London

   Intersales Ltd                          11.30 am  March

   Kathys Kones Ltd                        11.30 am  Manchester

   Lazlogic Ltd                            01.30 pm  Brighton

   Light On Ltd                            11.15 am  London

   M A Cannon Express Services Ltd         10.30 am  London

   Medical Innovations (Service Ctre) Ltd  11.00 am  London

   Microline Ofice Equipment Ltd           12.00 pm  London

   Protocol Solutions Ltd                  10.30 am  Reading

   S E Worldwide Ltd                       03.30 pm  Barnet

   Sextet Ltd                              12.00 pm  London

   Sextet Productions Ltd                  12.00 pm  London

   Sextet Sound Ltd                        12.00 pm  London

   Total Media Corporation Ltd             11.15 am  Kingston upon

   Truenet Ltd                             12.00 pm  London

   Westfield Sawmills & Mould (North) Ltd  11.00 am  Glasgow

   Whites Wine Lodge Ltd                   11.00 am  Swansea

   Zedcon Ltd                              01.00 pm  London




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America's slowing economy claimed victims at Cisco Systems, a vast communications-equipment company. The firm announced the lay-off of up to 5,000 full-time and 3,000 temporary workers from its staff of 44,000.

Ericcson, a giant telecoms-equipment maker, issued a profits warning, causing its shares to plummet 20%. Flagging handset demand also hit Motorola, America's mobile-equipment leader. It said that 7,000 jobs would go in addition to the 11,000 announced since December.

Siemens, the huge German engineering and telecoms-equipment maker, issued a profit warning. It blamed falling demand for memory chips, a big earner. The European company's news followed similar bad tidings from America's big chip makers.

Cable & Wireless, a formerly somnolent British telecoms company, said that it would cut 11% of its workforce--some 4,000 employees--over the next year and that profits would be below its own forecasts. The company's shares fell 20%.

Prudential, a British life insurer, agreed to acquire an American counterpart, American General, for $20 billion-plus. Prudential described the purchase as "transformational". Investors thought the cost too high, transformed holdings into cash and wiped 14% off Prudential's shares.

Derek Bonham, chairman of Imperial Tobacco, will step down from the board of Glaxosmithkline, the world's third-largest drug company, after pressure from executives at the company. They sensed a conflict of interest between his role at a cigarette company and his non-executive directorship at a firm that makes anti-smoking aids and drugs.

An American bankruptcy court dismissed rival offers for Trans World Airlines leaving the way open for a $742m bid for the bankrupt airline from American Airlines. American will become the world's largest airline and control a large slice of the home market.

BAE Systems, the British defence and aerospace company, made its latest attempt to sidestep competing for valuable defence contracts. The government reportedly rejected a suggestion that it hand straight to BAE a contract for a (r)13 billion ($19 billion) in-flight refuelling system. BAE has also tried to avoid competing with Thales, a French company, to supply aircraft carriers, and Vosper Thornycroft, a British shipbuilder, for destroyers.

Source - The Economist


The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry has decided, on the information at present before him, and in accordance with the recommendation of the Director General of Fair Trading, not to refer the following merger/s to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission under the provisions of the Fair Trading Act 1973:

Acquisition by Sanitec Corporation of Caradon Bathroom Ltd

Completed acquisition by Nomura Bank International plc of Principal Hotels Limited

Completed acquisition by Kingspan Group plc of Tate Global Corporation

Proposed acquisition by the Royal London Mutual Insurance Company Limited of the Scottish Life Assurance Company

Proposed acquisition by Smith and Nephew plc of the advanced wound care business of Biersdorf AG

Acquisition by the Go-Ahead Group plc of British Midland Handling Services and British Midland Airport Services (Holdings) Ltd

Proposed acquisition by Sanyo Electric Co Ltd of the nickel metal hyrdride (NiMH) rechargeable battery-business of the Toshiba Group of companies

Proposed acquisition by the Travelex Group of Thomas Cook Global and Financial Services Division

Completed acquisition by Securicor plc of the security business of AHL Services Inc

Acquisition by John Menzies plc of Ogden Ground Services

Proposed acquisition by Persimmon plc of Beazer Group plc

Acquisition by Becker Acroma Ltd of Granyte Surfaces Coatings plc

Acquisition by the Boots Company plc of the Clearasil and Biactol Brands




E-Minister Patricia Hewitt on the 12 March 2001 announced the Government's decision on patents to protect computer programs and internet trading methods.

The announcement follows the recent consultation 'Should Patents Be Granted for Computer Software or Ways of Doing Business?'. The key conclusions include:

Ms Hewitt said:

"Some people who responded to our consultation favour making it easier to patent software and others see patents as a threat to development of new software.

"Our key principle is that patents should be for technological innovations. So a program for a new machine tool should be patentable but a non-technological innovation, such as grammar-checking software for a word-processor, should not be.

"The majority of those who responded agree with the Government and oppose patents for ways of doing business on the internet."

Consumer Affairs Minister Dr Kim Howells said:

"The patent system is there to stimulate innovation and benefit the consumer. This is the test we have applied to determine what should, and should not, be patentable in the fields of computer software and ways of doing business.

"Patent law is harmonized under the European Patent Convention, and we shall be recommending the conclusions we have reached to our European partners. The European Commission is currently evaluating its own consultation on software patents, and we shall be pressing them for an early Directive which embodies our conclusions, and with which the Convention can then be aligned.

"In particular we shall press for clarification of European patent law to put an end to uncertainty about what software can and cannot be patented. The consultation showed that at present there is confusion, and that that is damaging."

Should Patents Be Granted for Computer Software or Ways of Doing Business: The Government's Conclusions is published today, and may be viewed at the Patent Office website www.patent.gov.uk

Patents are restricted to the protection of technical inventions. Present UK law (the Patents Act 1977) and the European Patent Convention (1973) exclude computer software as such and methods of doing business as such from patent protection. These exclusions have been in place for many years but the pace of change of technology and the growing importance of e-commerce is calling into question the current regime.

Following judicial decisions US practice has moved towards granting patents for software and non-technical business methods. Such divergence of practice has prompted reconsideration of the European regime.

Details are available at the Patent Office website www.patent.gov.uk. Details of the Commission's consultation are available on the DG Internal Market website at: http://europa.eu.int/comm/internal_market/en/intprop/index.htm




23 to the 24 April

FCIB Corporation - A Global Association for Managers in Finance, 

Credit & International Business

FCIB's 106th International Round Table Conference In Europe

Hilton Budapest Hotel

Hess Andras Ter 1-3, H 1014 Budapest, Hungary

Further information may be obtained from Tim Lane, 

Director of European Operations on 01865 481 630 or email [email protected] 

21st to 23rd May, 2001

GARP Credit & Counterparty Risk Summit, London. 

For full programme details please visit www.garp.com or 

contact GARP on tel. +44 (0)20 7626 9300.

Thursday 24 May 

Sussex & Surrey Branch of the ICM

Telephone Collections

Speaker: Manager of Equifax Risk Management	

The Imperial Hotel


Time: 7.00 for 7.30 p.m.	

Sponsored by Equifax Risk Management

Monday 11th June

Stoke on Trent Branch of the Institute of Credit Management

Credit Management Organisations in Europe - an Overview

International speaker Russell KENNARD, MBA AIMC 

Places at this event are limited - those interested in attending should

contact Catriona COLERICK on Telephone Number (01782) 28 2430.  

Coffee and biscuits will be served from 1830hrs, the presentation will commence at

1900hrs and will be followed by a light buffet to facilitate networking and

discussion.  The venue is Knight & Sons premises in The Brampton,

Newcastle-under Lyme, Staffordshire.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 24th to 26th October 2001 

International Credit Exhibition & Conference

The Westin Stamford, Singapore


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