Customer Experience in Collections - Why it matters

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Location: At your desk!

Chaired by Stephen Kiely , editor of CCR

Understanding customer experience has increasingly become a key focus of attention for the credit and collections industry. In the modern regulatory environment, where the customer must be at the heart of everything that the industry does, the industry must constantly seek to understand what customers want from it and what they value in order to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and optimal returns.

This webinar will allow you to learn:

  • How to take the customer on a journey that results in higher valuable returns.
  • Why customer experience matters.
  • The keys to customer journeys and why understanding and simplifying them is fundamental to outstanding customer experience.
  • The importance of proactive engagement in the customer experience journey.
  • How to get started with customer journey mapping.
  • How to achieve a paradigm shift to proactive communications. How to understand how and when your customers want to be contacted, and how to honour their preferences.
  • Why social customer care matters to improved results.
  • Why customer experience is a top driver for many companies.
  • How to shift focus to key customer journeys.
  • How to re-design customer journeys to achieve optimal satisfaction and results.

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