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£1.7 In Unpaid Council Taxes Set to be ‘Written Off’ in Swansea, Council Tax Advisors CIC Reports

By CreditMan Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Leading providers of free and impartial debt advice, Council Tax Advisors CIC, have reported on the recent decision to deem £1.7m unpaid council tax as “uncollectable” in Swansea.

Council finance chiefs have stated that the large sum is unlikely to ever be recovered by Swansea Council. The authority has instead written off the debt that has been accumulated by householders during the period between 2011/12 and 2013/14. However, a sum can only be deemed “uncollectable” once all of the debt collection options have been exhausted.

In the year 2013/14 Swansea Council successfully collected around 96 per cent of outstanding council tax in the area. A spokesperson from Swansea Council did make the point that debts recovered from previous years can contribute to boosting this figure. The spokesperson stated: “We take the collection of council tax extremely seriously as it makes a vital contribution to paying for services we all need such as education, bin collection, social services and maintaining our streets and communities.”

“Last year alone we collected more than £86 million of council tax owed as well as a further £2.5 million of council tax debts owed from previous years. Our message to those avoiding payments is that we will continue to pursue your for as long as it takes, we will take court action and we will not write off debt until all other options have been exhausted. Those who face financial difficulties in paying should contact the council sooner rather than later so we can help them find a solution before they fall into serious arrears.”

There are a number of reasons why a householder in question may have their council tax debt written off. If they are unable to be traced, insolvent or have gone abroad and no longer own a property in Swansea they may have their council tax debt written off. Debts of more than six years are written off after all collection efforts have failed.

As experts in council tax debt, Council Tax Advisors CIC takes a keen interest in industry relevant news. Managing Director Chris Richards made the following statement: “Those who have existing council tax arrears often find it easy to turn their back on their debt problems rather than tackling them head on. Hoping that your council tax debt will disappear is counterproductive, as councils will do anything within their power to regain any unpaid council tax.

“To avoid struggling with your debt situation over an extended period of time, the best approach is to tackle your financial issues as soon as possible. By contacting a debt advisory service like Council Tax Advisors CIC you will be given extensive information about mediation services and plausible repayment plan creation. Don’t live in fear of bailiffs or enforcement agents; seek free help and advice today.”

Council Tax Advisors Community Interest Company (CIC) is a not-for-profit organisation offering free and independent advice and resolution services to those in council tax arrears or any other kind of debt. Formed in 2012 as a direct result of personal experiences with bailiffs, they specialise in providing advice and guidance on how best to deal with debt situations and offer long-term sustainable solutions including the organisation of repayment plans and professional mediation services.