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56% of business leaders want out of Europe

By CreditMan Friday, June 17, 2016

As the EU referendum debate enters its final stretch, a new poll of prestige car owners shows the majority are driving out of Europe.

The poll was conducted by Oracle Finance, who specialise in funding sports, luxury and classic vehicles for CEOs, entrepreneurs, company owners and directors. Each year, the company underwrites more than £200 million of business, funding thousands of prestige vehicles across the UK.

The business, which has offices in London and Knaresborough, sent the survey to a random sample of 20,000 of its 60,000 clients.

The poll was carefully structured to remain neutral at all times, and asked people whether they were in, thinking in, not sure, thinking out or out.

In total, 1421 individuals responded

The results show:

  • 428 (30.12%) - I'm In
  • 127 (8.94%) - Thinking In
  • 60 (4.22%) - Not Sure
  • 192 (13.51%) - Thinking Out
  • 614 (43.21%) - I'm Out