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Arc opts for PureCloud to support a better customer journey

By CreditMan Tuesday, January 10, 2017

ARC (Europe), the specialist debt collection agency (DCA), has become the first DCA in the UK to install the PureCloud Engage dialler and customer services technology to manage voice, email and web chat interactions to support thousands of inbound and outbound communications each day.

The Cloud-based system, developed by the Interactive Intelligence Group (part of Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories), is feature rich with built-in speech recognition/analytics and the ability not only to be used for outbound calls, but also as an internal communication tool. It allows all of ARC’s communications to be managed from a single platform for the first time, using existing telephony.

Crucially, the system is designed to be future proof, with a clear road-map of future developments. It will enable the business to capture more information more efficiently, and analyse that data to further improve the customer journey and experience. It also integrates seamlessly with other IT systems to deliver customised reports as required.

Dewi Fox, Managing Director of ARC (Europe), says that PureCloud takes communication to another level: “We needed an all-in-one solution that was scalable, easy to manage and that required minimal IT resources so we could focus on increasing productivity and enhancing customer service,” he explains. “PureCloud provides all this, and Interactive Intelligence clearly communicated its value proposition for helping us more effectively and efficiently manage our collections operation.”

Hiten Desai, Dialler Manager, says that being Cloud-based, the system is inherently resilient: “It means that in the event of an emergency, we can maintain communications wherever there is access to a web browser, thus ensuring minimum downtime and maximum operational effectiveness.”

Regional Director of Interactive Intelligence, Dave Paulding, believes that PureCloud was the right platform to help address ARC’s business challenges: “ARC has very specific requirements,” he says, “and we showed, for example, that by integrating all communications channels that were previously in silos, PureCloud will enable agents and customers to choose the appropriate channel and ARC can easily monitor the results.”

Interactive Intelligence built PureCloud Engage to give contact centres an omnichannel cloud solution that could be up and running in days, while offering ease of management and continuous deployment of the most innovative features. Its microservice architecture built atop the Amazon Web Services Cloud offers maximum reliability, scalability and security. Month-to-month, pay-as-you-go subscription terms give contact centres a low-risk, high-value cloud solution.