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Atradius Economic Research - Insolvency Forecast

By CreditMan Thursday, March 19, 2015

How do companies assess their chances and risks in a increasingly challenging environment? Where do new business opportunities exist? What are the major issues in international trade? In this section you find Atradius surveys, studies and white papers on major developments and future trends in business and world trade.

Economic Research - Insolvency Forecast – March 2015

Economic conditions in the Eurozone remain challenging with insolvencies still 70% higher than in 2007 on average. The meagre 7% drop in insolvencies forecast for 2015 highlights little to no improvement for more than half of the countries reviewed and continued caution by consumers and banks.

Economic Research - Most vulnerable countries to Chinese economic downturn - February 2015

A sharp Chinese economic slowdown will affect countries through their exports and commodity prices. Especially countries in Asia and Africa are vulnerable.