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Atradius Payment Practices Barometer Asia-Pacific

By CreditMan Wednesday, November 27, 2013

According to the highest percentage of the survey respondents in Asia-Pacific, maintaining adequate cash flow is the biggest challenge to the profitability of the business this year. Singapore recorded the highest, and China the lowest, percentage of respondents sharing this opinion. Of the other challenges to business profitability surveyed, falling demand of products and services was cited most often in Taiwan, collection of outstanding invoices most often in India and bank lending restrictions most often in Australia.

Core results

* An average of 27.5% and 28.4% of the total value of the invoices issued by survey respondents in Asia-Pacific to their domestic and foreign B2B customers respectively are unpaid at the due date
* Domestic B2B invoices are most likely to be paid late due to liquidity constraints of customers; foreign invoices due to complexity of the payment procedure
* Of the countries surveyed in Asia-Pacific, India has the largest proportion of uncollectable domestic and foreign B2B receivables
* Most of the respondents in Asia-Pacific consider maintaining adequate cash flow to be the biggest challenge to the profitability of their business this year

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