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Atradius Payment Practices Barometer - Payment Practices Barometer - June 2014 - Eastern Europe

By CreditMan Monday, June 16, 2014

Eastern Europe is forecast to see a slight deterioration in economic growth prospects, compared to last year. As a consequence, it may experience an increase in corporate defaults, although from relatively moderate insolvency levels. This may explain why most of the survey respondents in Eastern Europe (41.7%) consider maintaining sufficient cash flow as one of the biggest challenges to profitability in 2014 (respondents across Western Europe: 29.6%).

Core results

* Regarding invoice payment timing, on average, nearly one third (31.9%) of the total value of the B2B invoices issued by our survey respondents in Eastern Europe were paid after the due date. By country, Slovakia has, on average, the slowest payers.

* On average, 1.2% of the total value of the B2B receivables of survey respondents in Eastern Europe were written off as uncollectable over the past year. As an average of 3.5% of the value of receivables was reported as unpaid within 90 days after the due date, it suggests that, on average, businesses in Eastern Europe lose around 34% of the value of their receivables that are not paid within 90 days.

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