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BBA comment on the results of the SME Finance Monitor 2014 Q4

By CreditMan Friday, February 27, 2015

Commenting on the SME Finance Monitor 2014 Q4 results, a BBA spokesperson said:

“This research shows that nearly eight out of 10 businesses have had the green light for finance in the past 18 months and confidence amongst SMEs is at its highest levels since this survey began in 2011.

“It's great that businesses are saying they feel positive about their future and few now see securing finance as a barrier to doing business.

“There is, however, still a gap between perception and reality when it comes to being approved for lending. If you're thinking about applying we would urge you to speak with your bank – you are a lot more likely to get a “yes” than you might think.”

The SME Finance Monitor investigates the availability of external finance for the UK's SMEs. The largest and most frequent study of its kind in the UK, the research is commissioned by the Business Finance Taskforce and is produced independently under the governance of an external Chairman and a steering group.

A full copy of the SME Finance Monitor is available at: