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BCR's 7th Receivables Finance International Conference and Exhibition (RFIx) 19-21 March 2007

By CreditMan Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Renaissance Penta Vienna Hotel, Vienna, Austria

'Time to Think in A New Way'

Find out:

Why huge changes in the global factoring industry are about to take place and how there is a new way for factors to profit from financing the billions of euros tied up in the global supply chain.

Why syndicated deals are becoming increasingly popular among factors in Europe and how it enables factors to take on larger clients and spread the risk.

How reverse factoring helped bring BRD Romania to become market leader

Why a new approach is needed in risk assessment for the cross-border lender

How Turkey is achieving more than 30% annual market growth.

These are just some of the important topics to presented and discussed at RFIx Europe 2007.

Speakers include:

Theo Hibler, Managing Director, Intermarket Factoring Bank, Austria

Jeroen Kohnstamm, Secretary General, Factors Chain International, The Netherlands

John Scully, Managing Partner, New York, SCF Capital; former President and CEO, Pepsi-Cola; former CEO, Apple Computer

Ted Ettershank, Managing Director, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, UK

Erik Timmermans, Secretary General, International Factors Group, Belgium

Mike Hudson, Director, Eurofactor, UK

Aysen Centintas, Head of International Factoring, Yapi Kredi Factoring, Turkey

Factoring is a fast moving industry - those who don't keep up with new innovations and developments soon get left behind.

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