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Choosing the Wrong Debt Collection Agency Often Results in Non-Recovery

By CreditMan Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The success of any business relies on timely payments of clients and the ability to stay in control. However, this control can easily be taken away when a once-friendly client quickly becomes a burdening debtor.

Taking on the task of debt recovery yourself is often a recipe for disaster and can result in the recovery costing more than the debt itself. However, you can’t simply choose just anyone to recover the debt for you.

Samantha Heard, Marketing Director at, explains why:

“Every debt is different, and therefore each debt suits some debt collection agencies better than others. The hard task is to find the company best suited to recover each individual debt”, says Samantha. She continues “By finding the right Debt Collection Agency or DCA, they can take the reins and handle client communication for you, advise you on if you should deal with that debtor in the future and recover the debt for the lowest possible cost”.

This is where has perfected their offering. The company allows you to quickly and conveniently compare DCA’s using one simple online tool. It’s just been upgraded recently to make it even easier for any business to find the DCA suited for each particular debt they may have. The end result is the elimination of any need to attend meetings, getting caught up in relation-testing talks and giving you more time to focus on actually running your business.

The costs are good too, with prices starting from just 4% of the recovered amount. There will be no need for you to schedule a frantic debt-recovery meeting as it only takes two minutes to use service – and the company will not charge you any on-going costs or signup fee.

Samantha is proud of what the company offers: “We’ve really made it simple for SME’s to quickly and easily select a DCA and then get back to running their business. Since we can offer better prices due to volume, more of the recovered amount will end up in your cash flow – often looking as if the debt never happened!”

About provides a unique approach to debt management services. Using an expansive database of DCAs’ (Debt Collection Agencies), users can compare agencies to find the company best suited to recovering their particular debts. This allows for a better end result as the chosen company will be matched to the specifics of each debt.