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CIFAS urges customer awareness over spate of charity email scams

By CreditMan Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CIFAS the UKs Fraud Prevention Service warns against a recent spate of emails being received by many, purporting to raise money for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

These emails, claiming to come from a charity or charity representative, are a callous attempt to prey upon genuine human suffering and the desire of members of the public to help. Often very plausible in appearance, these charity emails appeal for recipients to donate funds to an account, or send in personal account details by email.

Richard Hurley, CIFAS Communications Manager, comments: These email scams use emotional blackmail to con many people. By combining hard-hitting language often completely fictional or copied from a reputable source with the apparent ease of making a donation, it is not difficult to see how these scams dupe people so convincingly.

CIFAS urges anyone who receives an email such as this to delete it and not respond in any way.

Richard Hurley notes: If in doubt, chuck it out is the best thing to say. Those wishing to donate should use one of the recognised charities ( If donating online, then please visit That way, your donation will help those in genuine need, rather than just line the pockets of criminals.