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Comment - Business proposals in the Queen’s Speech – combining innovation and irony

By CreditMan Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stephen Roper, Director of the Enterprise Research Centre and Professor at Warwick Business School commented:

“The business proposals in today’s Queen’s speech embody both innovation and irony.

“One of the more innovative proposals in the Queen’s Speech is the establishment of a Small Business Conciliation Service with a focus on settling disputes between small and large businesses. This is welcome but the government could have been more ambitious.

“‘The proposed Conciliation Service will only benefit small firms involved in disputes. The experience of other countries – most notably perhaps Australia – suggests the value of such organisations having a wider remit.

“Australia’s ‘Small Business Commissioners’ do help settle disputes but the Commissioners have also become champions for small businesses interests and sometimes posed a challenge to government where policies are not ‘small business friendly’.

“Ironically, the other main enterprise proposal in the Queen’s speech is for a ‘de-regulation regulator‘ – a body to oversee progress in removing red tape. Removing unnecessary red tape is always welcomed by businesses. Whether an oversight body will help with this only time will tell.

“The biggest negative from a small business perspective is the uncertainty caused by the forthcoming European referendum. This may discourage some firms from investing in expanding European sales.

“Businesses that supply the public sector, outside health and education, may also feel the squeeze of spending cuts and the restructuring of budgets.”