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Company Watch adds Italy to its international coverage

By CreditMan Monday, November 21, 2016

Company Watch, specialists in tracking and predicting corporate financial health, has expanded the number of Italian companies available online. Customers can now access full financial Company Watch health assessments of over seven million private Italian companies including profit, asset & funding, management evaluation and full financial trend analysis.

In addition to annual financials & ratings, users can access other important business details such as the group information, directors & shareholders details, and a range of supporting background information. Uniquely among Credit Reference Agencies, the Company Watch service allows users to enter up to date management financials and forecasts as well as carry out “what-if” analysis – generating immediately updated health scores and credit limits.

Italy is the world’s ninth largest economy with tourism, iron & steel, chemicals, motor vehicles, clothing and footwear amongst its most profitable industries. However, the country has been badly-hit by the global downturn, with the economy shrinking by around 10 per cent since 2007, as the country has endured a triple-dip recession.

While the outlook for 2017 remains gloomy, there are many individual businesses which are performing very well and so plenty of opportunities for profitable trade remain for those with the right analytic tools to identify them: Company Watch’s unique H-Score® rating system not only separates the strong companies from those that are vulnerable to distress, but also provides the financial reasons behind its assessment.

Denis Baker, CEO of Company Watch, commented: “Despite the economic downturn over recent years, Italy remains a powerful economy. With millions of Italian businesses, it is always critical to have the right tools to track the financial health of key customers and suppliers. Company Watch’s H-Score ratings have an excellent record in flagging those companies that need a closer look. This combined with the ability to add management financials will assist users to get the most up to date and accurate financial health assessments. We are excited to add Italy to our growing online H-Score coverage of European countries.”