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Company Watch launches new service for Belgium

By CreditMan Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Company Watch, specialists in tracking and predicting corporate financial health worldwide, has added Belgium to the European countries users can access on its online international system. The service will provide a full assessment on virtually every company in the Belgian economy.

Company Watch’s pioneering H-Score® methodology rates companies from zero (weakest) to 100 (strongest) by analysing a company’s financials from seven different points of view. The result is that companies that experience distress are identified in advance by the H-Score systems.

Company Watch is unique among credit reference agencies in allowing users to test different financial scenarios and enter company management accounts to generate instantly updated financial health assessments.

Despite the relatively small size of Belgium, with a population of just 11 million, it ranks amongst the top 25 world economies. However, Belgian GDP grew by a mere 0.1 % and 0.3 % in the second and third quarters of 2014 respectively. Economic forecasters are expecting GPD to grow by 1.1 % in 2015, which is around two thirds less than the UK.

Around 5000 Belgian businesses were declared bankrupt in the last six months, which reflects a fall of 13.2% on the previous year. However, the backdrop of weakening demand from other European countries, decelerating exports, and deteriorating global markets suggests that lenders and credit providers will need to closely monitor their risk exposure in Belgium.

This new Belgium service is an extension of Company Watch’s European coverage. Last year it launched tailor-made services for the Netherlands, France, Germany and Ireland, and expects to add Sweden in the coming weeks. Users wishing to analyse companies in countries outside Europe are covered by Company Watch’s International Reports service on a ‘by-request’ basis.

Denis Baker, CEO of Company Watch, commented:

“While Belgium continues to be a powerful economy, there is always the need to assess companies with care - especially in the current uncertain economic climate. The H-Score credit ratings and credit limits on current financial information, together with the ability to model management financials and forecasts, provides a most effective predictor of corporate financial health.”