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Credit Management recruitment with a difference

By CreditMan Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For Credit Management roles that need experience – Experience + Expertise = Better Value

Mature Credit Managers will match businesses that need experienced credit professionals with candidates that can deliver. Mature Credit Managers is part of the Mature Appointments group of companies.

So what do experienced candidates offer?

* Many of them were around in the last Recession and know what it’s like!
* Therefore they have seen it all before and are not easily fazed.
* They are available at short notice and can hit the ground running.
* They offer full time, part time and interim solutions.
* They need minimum training and supervision.
* They are not on a career path and so are more likely to stay the course.

Mature Appointments was set up by Chartered Accountant Martin Lloyd-Penny in 2005. Martin had discovered at first hand that:

* It can be tough if you fall off the corporate ladder, whatever your age and experience.
* Being over 40 and out of work is NOT a good combination!
* Experienced candidates can and do offer something EXTRA.

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