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Credit Summit confirms six FCA speakers

By CreditMan Friday, February 13, 2015

The Credit Summit returns on 26 March to the QEII Centre in London and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) will have six speakers addressing delegates this year.

Chris Woolard, director of policy, risk and research, is the event’s keynote speaker and will address delegates of eight conference streams on the FCA supervision of the consumer credit industry, including exclusive insight into its plans for the future. The subjects of Treating Customers Fairly, regulation of the alternative lending sector, the authorisation for car finance and the thematic review into the Credit Card market will all be covered in Woolard’s session.

Head of partnerships, Martin Coppack and mortgages & consumer lending / supervision manager Louise Marfany will both be speaking at the Treating Customers Fairly Conference and they will outline the future of TCF under FCA regulation and highlight the key messages from the FCA’s 2015 Occasional Paper on Consumer Vulnerability.

Katherine Forrest, team leader in the credit authorisations division will host a session at the Car Finance Conference offering delegates crucial details on the FCA authorisation process to ensure they understand its requirements as they head towards their landing slots.

Director of authorisations, Susan de Mont will give the FCA perspective on complaints, remediations, consumer protection, and recent actions in relation to SME lending, as well as the constant challenge of striking a balance between refusal to lend and credit risk management due diligence in the Commercial Finance Conference.

Finally, senior advisor David Gagle will give a thorough update on the FCA Review of Credit Cards, which was announced at last year’s Credit Summit, in the Credit Cards & Payments Conference.

Show director and publisher of Credit Today, Kamala Panday, said, ‘To receive such commitment from the FCA illustrates the importance of the Credit Summit in the industry’s event calendar. Last year the FCA chose the summit as the platform to launch its thematic review of the credit card market. One year on, the industry will be keen to learn how this and other areas of scrutiny are progressing. The FCA’s representatives sit alongside more than 125 speakers across the event’s nine conferences and two debates on risk and fraud prevention. The Credit Summit continues to offer delegates critical compliance and regulatory updates in a rapidly evolving landscape.”

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