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Credit up North 2007: key speakers list

By CreditMan Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jacqueline Gold
Chief Executive Ann Summers

We are very proud to have the ‘Inspirational Business Woman of the Year 2005’ talking at our event about business risk and the challenges she faced in creating a dominant brand in her field.

If you have seen her on the ITV’s ‘Million Pound Givaway’ and many other quality TV programmes, you will identify her quickly as very focussed lady who also has a keen eye on social climate improvement and just being a good human. This will be a warm and inspirational speech designed to give business people a real feeling of ‘this can be achieved’.

John Marston OBE
Managing Director - Marston & Co

John is well known as an amusing and engaging speaker with real passion and enthusiasm; he takes an off the wall look at the ethical and proactive enforcement of UK and European Court Judgements and when and where to exercise the powers granted by the Lord Chancellor.

If you have involvement at any level with legal cases within your company, this is a unique chance to get a ‘between the lines’ look at the professional enforcement and get a new perspective on how you view legal cases.

Philip King
Director General of the ICM

Reflecting on his 27 years in credit management (most recently at Vodafone) and nearly 2 as Director General of the ICM, Philip looks at the evolution of Credit Management within Telecoms and within the wider context. This is an informative speech that really gives you a great view of modern Credit Management and how the ICM is developing and representing our profession.

If you are involved at any level in Credit Management / Collections, this is a real eye opener and will give you valuable insight as to how performance can be improved.

Philip Lunn
Chief Executive - Aktiv Kapital

A professional and witty observation of the growth and evolution of the debt purchasing market, how it impacts both business and consumers and what it needs to do to continue evolving and gaining credibility.

Philip draws on his experience both with numerous years within the legal profession and as a CEO within the Debt market, if you are involved in high volume debt recovery, you will definitely come away a lot wiser with some useful new collection insights.

Lisette Vos
Public Prosecutor - Ministry of Justice - The Hague

This is a fascinating insight to organised Crime and Fraud within the credit environment. Lisette looks at recent cases involving Credit Card fraud and Money Laundering and describes to you the investigation and outcome of those cases, including the subsequent seizure of assets and how the major banks are involved in freezing fund.

It gives you a one off and unique fly on the wall peep at what is a very confidential environment and function; this will be of interest literally to anyone who is against organised crime and of particular interest to Credit Card, banking and Telecoms providers.

Claire Sandbrook
Chief Executive - Shergroup

This inspiring and refreshing lady comes with serious credentials from her many years as a Solicitor and Sheriff within the debt recovery, enforcement and asset seizure world and puts a genuinely proactive and human face on an industry that has come under attack recently. She was also pivotal in creating the Sheriffs Lodgment Centre.

Claire will chat about the challenges she faced as the first female sheriff along with talking about her challenges in setting up and marketing a very successful business. She gives some invaluable Collections and Credit Management tips and is one of those people who just inspire you from start to finish.

Steven Holt MICM
Group Managing Director, Credit By Instinct Ltd

Steve, a qualified Credit Manager by profession, takes a tongue in cheek, but hard hitting look at the social and corporate climate and asks some key questions for debate.

He also takes an evolved look at the economic realities of bargain basement recruitment and it’s negative effects on the Credit Management function; this will be a total eye opener for those involved at any level of recruitment as he opens the Pandora’s box of credit recruitment uncovered and false economy.

David Coates
Chief Executive, Davenham Plc

This is a speech you really wont want to miss, particularly if you are involved in securing assets within your company and need to know the inside track with repossession, asset finance and tax benefits.

Davenham is one of the largest asset finance lenders in the UK and David draws from his experience with RBS, Standard Chartered Bank, Experian and Call Credit to give a colourful view of credit and risk assessment.

Stephen Gregory
Global Risk Partner - Ernst & Young

An unrivalled view of the lasting and far reaching impacts of Enron and the resulting emphasis of Director / Board accounting responsibilities. We have one of the world’s leading experts on accounting responsibilities from one of the most prominent firms of auditors and accountants.

This cautionary tale really helps to outline and bring into focus the responsibilities within business and will be of particular interest to any senior manager within a large corporate environment.

Sarah Cleary
Regional Fraud Partner - Irwin Mitchell

Sarah delivers an awakening whistle stop tour of corporate crime landmines and how to avoid them. When you are just not sure what constitutes Fraudulent Trading, Insider Dealing, Bid Rigging, Cartel Offences, False Accounting or you need to be up to date on responsibilities on Money Laundering. She leaves you under no illusion how to operate legally and effectively in a minefield of dangers that are scattered around the business arena.

This will appeal and be pivotal to, Company Directors, Senior Managers and Board Members for prevention and avoidance purposes.

Kevin Westall
Head of Debt & Housing Branch - HM Courts

Having worked in the DHSS originally, Kevin went on to lead the team to appoint deputy High Court Judges. He now enjoys a multi-aspect role with responsibility for all procedures within the civil court system.

Kevin joins the Legal panel to discuss the continued evolution of the court service and it's processes, with an interesting view of what is coming up in the future of HM Courts Service.

Tim Lane
Operations - FCIB Director of European Operations

Tim addresses the exciting arena of International Credit and looks at the changes in the global socio-economic environment in the 21st century.

He asks some key questions to improve credit risk assessment and cash collection performance, this would be useful for any Credit Management or Board level professionals who are involved in UK and Export Credit for avoiding pitfalls and developing their function.

Ken Maynard
Chief Executive - Cabot Financial

Ken is a seasoned speaker on Debt Purchase and will look at the continued expansion of the industry, but he will also be looking at the work the CSA do and give you some heart warming insights to how we can all make a positive social and business impact.

This is a great insight to the consumer finance market and will appeal to anyone involved in debt recovery, litigation or lending.

Mike Feldwick
Head of Risk Information & Foreign Risk – Euler Hermes

Having gained wide experience covering Domestic and Export Credit Insurance, Mike has also spent time working in Australia for Euler Hermes and is responsible for all aspects of Underwriting and Credit Risk assessment.

Mike joins our Commercial Credit panel to discuss the whole credit cycle, but in particular debates critical considerations when assessing and underwriting credit risk. He also looks at how we can ensure we close the door on losses arrising from bad debt by following a few simple guidelines and techniques.

Karl Williams
Head of Debt Recovery - Pannone Solicitors

Having been involved in the Commercial Debt Recovery Arena for 21 years and more recently as Head of Debt Recovery at Pannone, Karl delivers a message that recovery process through the court can be the last option rather than the obvious option.
Karl will look at how to deal with disputed debts prior to issue of proceedings but accepting that Litigation is often required will also take a pragmatic look at the most proactive ways of recovering commercial debt and the best use of insolvency tools. This is a great learning area for Finance Directors, Credit Managers and Credit Controllers, in fact anyone who is involved in recovering stubborn business debt!

John Newell
Insolvency Partner - PKF

With over 20 years in the insolvency industry, John joins us with a wealth of knowledge and interpretation of business failure and recovery both as an Insolvency Practitioner and a Fellow of Institute of Chartered Accountants.
He and the panel discuss the age old Phoenix company routine, early warnings of insolvency and how to avoid bad debt, advice on being a creditor in an insolvency situation and how to conduct a creditor’s meeting. This is an invaluable learning opportunity for Finance Directors, Credit Managers, Business Directors and Credit Controllers at all levels.

Peter Wordsworth
Head of Unsecured Recoveries - Eversheds

Peter is one of the foremost experts in unsecured recoveries solutions for financial institutions and central government and in particular personal insolvency.
He will discuss with the panel consumer lending and debt trends along with some very informed thoughts on personal insolvency. If you are involved in consumer lending or recoveries, Peter will give you some great perspectives and tips on how to ensure you get paid.

Stephen Sklaroff
Director General for the FLA

We are privileged to secure the newly appointed Director General of the FLA – Finance and Leasing Association. Stephen takes up post on July 1st 2007 and joins the FLA from his post at the Association of British Insurers, before which he was head of communications for the DTI and served under 3 home secretaries.

Stephen shares with the panel his recent and fascinating submission to the Home Affairs Committee relating to data sharing and the use of this data in preventing bad lending decisions and Money Laundering / Fraud prevention. If you are involved with making lending decisions to both consumers and business, you may want to attend this as it will save you money!

Stephen Hancock
Head of Money Laundering Prevention - Prudential

As the Global Head of Money Laundering Prevention for a major financial services provider Prudential, Steve is a key player in the prevention of Money Laundering and Financial Crime and has been since the introduction of UK legislation in 1994. He is also Chairman of the Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers.

Steve sheds light on the 3rd EU Money Laundering Directive coming into force in December and gives a concise and informative overview about it’s impacts and repercussions. This panel is aimed at Fraud and Crime prevention professionals along with the legal profession, it gives CPD but also gives great opportunity to learn more about this critical topic and the up to date methods and views of the industry.

Jo Howard
Product & Marketing Director
Experian Business Information

We are very privileged to welcome a lady who has shown total focus and belief to significantly improve the quality and usability of information for those using credit reports for easy decision-making with the ability to drill down when needed.

Jo joins our Commercial Credit panel who will discuss the lifecycle of business to business credit. She will add critical perceptions and views of how the assessment and granting of credit will evolve and how best to ensure customers are checked for signs of change on a regular basis to ensure early warning of potential problems.