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CSA launches new course in commercial collections

By CreditMan Monday, May 21, 2007

Following on from the success of its compliance and tracing seminars, the Credit Services Association (CSA), the voice of the UK debt collection industry, is launching a new Commercial Collections Course, aimed at exploring and clarifying the latest issues regarding credit control and business-to-business collections.

The course, entitled ‘Take a Commercial Break’ (to be held at the Marriott Kensington on Thursday 19th July) is targeted at those working within collections departments of commercial businesses or DCA's (Commercial or otherwise), and intended to suit those with at least 12 months experience in medium to supervisory positions. It is also suited to trainers and those at management level wishing to obtain a practical day-to-day understanding of commercial collection from a valuable operational point of view.

Presented by Stephen Lewis, Former president of the CSA, and a recognised expert in commercial collection services, the course will explore a number of themes, including collection principles in commercial collection, penalties, tackling insolvency and legal protection in the commercial collections arena. It will also explore how the lines between consumer and commercial collections are becoming increasingly blurred, and give ‘real-time’ debt examples, with attendees encouraged to provide their own difficult collection scenarios.

Godfrey Lancashire, President of the CSA, says: “This course offers the ideal opportunity for those working in debt collection to gain in-depth knowledge on credit control and commercial collections, as well as the chance to exchange ideas and experience.

“After the success of the CSA Compliance and Tracing seminars which quickly sold out, this new course is yet further example of the CSA leading the Debt Collection industry, and its commitment to quality and professionalism in everything it does.”

For further information on this and other training for professionals, contact Gillian Forrest on 0191 286 5656 or email