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CSA’s new compliance seminar signals new drive in support of SME's

By CreditMan Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Credit Services Association (CSA), the voice of the UK debt collection industry, is launching a new Compliance seminar and associated booklet, aimed at raising awareness of the issues faced by debt collection agencies with regard to all matters of compliance.

Targeted at those in authority dealing with consumer collections, such as agency owners, collection managers and collection and compliance personnel, the seminar is to be held in Manchester (Midlands Hotel) on 22nd March. It offers an introduction to compliance laws and guidance from industry regulators to the debt servicing industry. A second date in London has already sold out.

“While some companies may be better placed than others to deal with compliance issues, businesses of all sizes will no doubt be challenged by the sheer volume of laws and guidance being issued and promoted by government and its associated offices in recent months,” Gillian Forrest, Head of Training for the CSA explains. “This seminar presents the ideal opportunity, therefore, for the CSA to offer clear guidance on compliance and clarify any issues.”

Sessions will be presented on the Office of Fair Trading, the Information Commissioners Office, and OFCOM to give attendees an overview of their work and guidance procedures. The CSA will offer guidance on complaint handling, and a seminar on its own Code of Practice – highly regarded as the industry standard.

“Compliance can be a thorny issue, particularly for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) often lacking the support and know-how to tackle it effectively”, adds Kurt Obermaier, Executive Director of the CSA. “In larger firms, compliance procedures are usually well-established, but in smaller firms, which are unlikely to have a designated compliance team, this is not always the case, and resource issues may mean that employees simply do not have time to spend on compliance.

“As an association that has its own Code of Practice, we have a responsibility to support our members and the industry in keeping up to speed with compliance matters, and ensuring our members are aware of any action that needs to be taken.”

The seminar comes as part of the CSA’s drive to provide further support to SMEs, and its greater commitment to quality and professionalism in everything it does.