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Debt Collection Experts support Debt Awareness Week

By CreditMan Wednesday, February 4, 2015

All businesses face cash flow issues from time to time, cash flow is often affected by unpaid invoices or being forced to write-off bad debts.

Getting clients and customers to pay is difficult for some business owners, that’s why it’s often best for business owners to quickly pass bad debts onto expert collection agencies like (Commercial & Domestic Investigation ), who offer ethical, best practice debt collection.

Last week Commercial Domestic Investigations showed support for StepChange Debt Charity’s Debt Awareness Week campaign, which was designed to highlight the problems faced by those people suffering with debt issues.

The charity developed a unique email campaign which helped people to face-up to debt issues and tackle them head on. This was supported by Commercial Domestic Investigation who are on the front line of debt collection and often find that people take time to face up to debt issues.

Natalie Barron of Commercial & Domestic Investigations, said: “Our clients are concerned about cash flow, and want to improve it for their business through effective and ethical debt collection. “The biggest problem that many debt collectors face is that people we’re trying to collect debt from don’t want to admit that they owe the money, some people actively bury their head in the sand and expect debts to magically disappear. “The StepChange campaign highlights the need for people to face up to debt problems and tackle them. “This is a positive campaign from StepChange, and will assist debtors and those businesses owed money too.”