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EndeavourUK Training company launch Level 3 Certificate Enforcement Agents Course

By CreditMan Thursday, April 10, 2014

EndeavourUK, based in Chelmsford, Essex and London have recently launched their new Level 3 Certificate for Enforcement Agents Course. Developed over 18 months this training programme that is compliant with all new legislation and is set to lift standards within the industry.

Training of this level has not been available until now and this course will give both the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are needed to become a successful Enforcement Agent. As well as learning the elements relating to the main debt types, they are taught skills on dealing with conflict and reading body language. This training is intended to help the Enforcement Agents safely manage any situation they come across and will consist of both classroom theory training as well as on road field training with an experienced certificated bailiff.

Chris Lucas-Jones, founder of EndeavourUK said: “Up till now individual enforcement companies have designed their own courses to train their staff. This training was often limited to laws and regulations of enforcement and very rarely provided instruction on ‘the human factor’. Reading body language, managing conflict and hostile situations and identifying the ‘can’t’ payers to the ‘won’t’ payers are all crucial aspects of the job. This often resulted in many bailiffs being unequipped to deal with certain types of situation, resulting in poor collection rates and commonly, an increased number of complaints.”

EndeavourUK have been working with ex-forces personnel in particular who have a great aptitude for this work, their existing training has already prepared them for many different situations both confrontational and potentially harmful. With the current forces redundancies there has been the opportunity to target their personnel for the new high level training. This course is endorsed by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance and is unique in its approach.

Gary Shivers, left the forces having served 22 years as a Staff Sergeant in the Queens Royal Hussars. He said: “When the time came to leave the Military, I was very apprehensive about what career I should choose.

However, EndeavourUK made my transition into civilian street very easy and took a great burden off my shoulders. I had absolutely no idea about becoming a Bailiff but was guided through the process from start to finish with great professionalism and guidance. The course consisted of passing an intense interview with Chris Lucas-Jones to ensure I was the right caliber of candidate for the course. After this was a week of classroom work which was very intense, firm but fair and was taught by people with experience and the knowledge of the industry to ensure we carried this forward onto the streets. After passing various exams it was time to shadow our mentors which really opened my eyes on how professional the industry is. I gained vast experience from the mentoring and am now working for one of the biggest companies within the UK and exceeding my own expectations.”

Chris Lucas-Jones continued: “I set up the company to primarily focus on bailiff training. My aim is to help improve both the standards and consistency of enforcement within the bailiff industry. I found that there were many bailiffs that had the correct legal knowledge but lacked the other attributes that moved them from average bailiffs to effective bailiffs. I know that this high level of certification will greatly improve the way is which bailiffs carry out their job and will also comply with the new legislation.”