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Equifax urges festival goers to keep their cards and other personal documents secure

By CreditMan Friday, June 25, 2010

With Glastonbury set for this weekend and a whole Summer of music, food and arts events lined up, festival-goers will already be preparing their festival survival kit! And whilst a focus on fun should definitely be on the cards, leading online credit information provider, Equifax, is warning festival goers about the risks of financial crime and ID fraud at these major outdoor events.

“The big problem is keeping cards, cash and other personal documents secure” confirmed Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax.

“In all the buzz and excitement of a music festival it’s easy to let your guard down. A stolen wallet with loads of cards in it or a lost or stolen mobile phone/smart phone, that may have personal details stored on it, can really ruin the experience. That’s why we strongly advise that only the absolute essentials in credit and debit cards are taken and festival goers take extra care with other personal documents and belongings.

“Plus, festival-goers should keep their credit and debit cards separate from the rest of their documents, such as their driving licence, to avoid the risk of ID fraud. And definitely don’t take things like their passport, unless they are planning to jet off immediately afterwards! The reality is that ID fraudsters only need three items of personal information to be able to steal an individual’s identity and start ordering goods or services in their name, so it’s important festival-goers don’t make it too easy for the criminal fraternity who could see the big outdoor events as prime pickings!

Festivals are a real highlight of the summer for many people and anyone who’s going should not be put off, but just be careful and aware of the risk of theft and financial crime.”

Equifax also advises anyone who is concerned they may be a victim of ID fraud or theft to obtain a copy of their Equifax Credit Report.

Tackling the threat of identity theft and fraud, Equifax Identity Watch Pro gives consumers unlimited instant, easy online access to their latest credit file, with automatic alerts within 24 hours of key changes to their credit report. It costs £7.50 per month. Or for just £2.99 per month, Equifax Identity Watch Lite makes monitoring a credit report easy by automatically alerting the individual within seven days of key changes.

Equifax’s Top Tips to Avoid Festival Fraud

- Always keep your cards separate so if you were to lose one you have a back up

- When purchasing tickets make sure you do so from a reputable provider to avoid ending up with a fake and losing the money you paid

- Always keep your valuables on you at festivals and do not leave them lying around or in your tent for people to easily steal

- Do not write down your PIN number, make it something memorable so the only place it is, is in your head.

- If your wallet/cards are stolen, check your credit report to make sure there are no suspicious transactions and cancel any cards immediately