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Equifax Welcomes New E-Crime Unit

By CreditMan Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Government’s announcement of a new police unit dedicated to tackling cyber crime welcomed by leading ID fraud expert

The opening of the £7 million Police Central e-crime Unit announced earlier this week by crime minister, Vernon Coaker has been welcomed by leading ID fraud expert, Equifax. The unit will target all aspects of cyber crime and clamp down on internet fraud which is an ever-growing concern admits Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director for Equifax.

“E-crime is a huge problem. Though its perpetrators are faceless, the millions of victims and the suffering caused is anything but invisible. This announcement by the Home Office is a much needed and welcome weapon in the war against this global phenomenon.”

The e-crime Unit will be based within the Metropolitan Police and provide specialist support and cross-force action to tackle all online crime. Up to 90 per cent of crime on the internet is believed to be fraud-related - excluding crime relating to children or images of child sexual abuse - and the unit will work closely with other crime fighting agencies to tackle international and serious organised crime groups active on the internet.

"Internet crime is notoriously difficult to crack as traditional policing is not set up to tackle a menace that is constantly evolving and knows no borders” concluded Neil Munroe. “This unit will, therefore, play a vital role in targeting these fraudsters and help boost public confidence in internet services and trading.”