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Experian enhances consumer debt collection at leading Russian Bank

By CreditMan Monday, December 22, 2014

Experian, the global information services company, has today reported that its Tallyman collections system has helped deliver a significant improvement in the efficiency of late collections at OTP Bank in Russia.

Tallyman provides a single interface for all of OTP Bank’s employees engaged in the collections process. The solution automates the process of assigning tasks to agents and planning their visits, makes it possible to closely monitor their performance parameters, and automates and simplifies the document flow and the process of generating reports that are necessary for both structuring the bank’s internal business processes and meeting the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) requirements. Having implemented the Tallyman system, the bank has achieved a reduction in operating costs, and minimised losses due to the ability to efficiently collect debt using internal resources.

Tallyman was launched in OTP Bank’s branches in the Moscow region and now it has been rolled out to all regional units of the bank.

Fyodor Teslenko, OTP Bank’s Director of Risk Assessment, said: “Experian’s Tallyman has allowed us to consolidate the whole internal retail collections process. One of the main benefits is the ability to test different collections strategies at the early and late collections stages (and also between them), determining and implementing the most efficient of them. With the help of such tests, we have increased the performance of early and late collections substantially.

“Tallyman has also introduced a number of positive points to the field agents’ operation, bringing in transparency and additional control. We are also developing other tools for working with debtors in late stage collections that, together with Tallyman, has contributed to the efficiency of late collections increasing by 18 percent in the past six months."

Stephen Gildert, Head of Branch, Experian Russia and the CIS, said: "Optimising the collections process has become an opportunity to boost profitability of lending businesses and Tallyman has enabled OTP Bank to do just that.”