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Experian recognised in Forbes’ exclusive Top 100 list of the ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’

By CreditMan Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Experian is among the world’s most innovative companies, according to Forbes magazine, ‘the No.1 business news source in the world.’ This is the second consecutive year Experian has been included in the exclusive league table for 2015.

Experian was ranked 88th by Forbes, alongside a host of global brands from a range of industries, such as Amazon, Unilever and Coca-Cola. Last year Experian was ranked 97th, demonstrating that investors now have a stronger opinion of Experian’s present and future innovations.

The 100 companies are united by one factor at the heart of Forbes’ methodology: ‘investors’ ability to identify firms they expect to be innovative now and in the future’. This ‘Innovation Premium’, alongside other factors, is the expectation that a company will launch new products and services and enter new markets to generate growth. The measure also takes into consideration a company’s historical and projected return on investment as well as the amount of cash it has reinvested in the business.

Brian Cassin, CEO, Experian, said: "I believe we are going to see more and more great things at Experian in the future and I am excited about the plans we have already developed to justify this award and hopefully many more to come in future years. From helping consumers understand and improve their financial situations, to supporting the growth of businesses, managing risk and protecting against fraud, our pioneering application of data, analytics and technology plays an important role in the world today. The things we do at Experian make a real difference, a positive difference, to the daily lives of hundreds of millions of consumers and businesses around the world.

“Most importantly, I want to thank and congratulate all of our 17,000 employees for their innovative thinking and dedication to our customers. They are the ones who have earned this award for Experian.”

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