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Fail conference tackles taboos surrounding failing

By CreditMan Thursday, August 30, 2012

On 6 November, Flanders DC and IBBT, together with Bryo, Voka's business starters' project, will organize the Fail Conference, during which some 20 interesting and very personal stories on the theme "Failing for Success" will be shared. In particular, Frank Bekkers (CEO of Mobile Vikings) and Jan Verheyen (film director) will share their approach to dealing with failed projects.

A comparison is often made between the entrepreneurial cultures in the United States and Europe. For instance, Silicon Valley accepts failure as a consequence of risk-taking, whereas in Flanders, closing down a company is all too often seen as a loss of face and bankruptcy frequently ruins promising careers. The Fail Conference's assumption is that failure is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as one learns from it and deals with it properly.

A lack of cash flow, the wrong choice of technology or misjudgments in team composition are just a few examples of the reasons why companies close down. Some 20 participants from both Belgium and abroad will tell their stories at the Fail Conference, which will be held at the ICC in Ghent on 6 November. The conference focuses on the public at large, from aspiring entrepreneurs to policymakers. Tickets are €100 and can be ordered starting today at