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Four new countries added to the latest edition of Atradius Collections’ International Debt Collections Handbook

By CreditMan Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Atradius Collections, the global expert in domestic and international debt collections, releases an updated and expanded version of the International Debt Collections Handbook which today covers 31 countries. For a first it includes the Slovak Republic, Romania, Sweden and Tunisia and can be downloaded for free on

This version is an update of the 2011 spring edition which had also undergone an important expansion by having China and Hong Kong included for a first. The International Debt Collections Handbook was originally created in 2009 and is constantly updated and expanded by collection experts to reflect changes in the markets.

“With international trade as a key revenue driver, businesses are in need of more insight into the B2B collection practices of foreign countries. Atradius Collections is keeping up with the developments by continuously providing information around more and more countries”, says Ralph van Dijk, Global Commercial Director at Atradius Collections. “With economic conditions across the globe still uncertain and insolvency rates beginning to rise again, maintaining and protecting cash flow is essential. Knowledge around the collections procedures becomes vital for the survival of a business with outstanding foreign debt, in particular when it needs to collect. The Handbook is an essential resource for information on a successful approach in handling foreign debts, especially in organisations which lack in-house resources in international collections or credit management.”

The International Debt Collections Handbook explains the diversity and complexity of country-specific B2B debt collection and gives insight over the different stages of amicable settlement, financial regulations around collections, legal proceedings and insolvency procedures. The handbook is written by experts in country-specific debt collection procedures and legislation. Their expertise is based on years of experience and collecting internationally at Atradius Collections. The 5th edition of the International Debt Collections Handbook can be accessed by visiting