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Free Clearscore App puts people in control of Credit Scores and Reports

By CreditMan Wednesday, December 23, 2015

ClearScore has launched its new app, giving everyone free access to their credit report and score, as often as they like, no matter where they are.

The ClearScore app makes it simple for everyone to see the financial information lenders use to make decisions about them and actively manage their score. Its intuitive and attractive design sets it apart from traditional financial products, which often include complicated charts and graphs.

After a simple, secure set-up process, the ClearScore app matches the user with their Equifax credit file. ClearScore then creates a beautifully designed dashboard displaying someone's credit score, credit accounts, financial associations and searches against their credit profile.

CEO ClearScore Justin Basini comments, "Millions want to keep a close eye on their credit score and report. Our free app lets people keep on top of their score, wherever they are. We're making it easier for people to regain control of their financial situation, and access the stuff they want for less."

Users of the app are not required to enter any bank account or credit card details, providing reassurance they will never be charged. ClearScore also guarantees privacy - promising to never sell customer data.

The app uses a powerful data engine to present its customers with suggestions for credit cards, loans and other financial products, tailored to their unique financial situation and which could save people money.

The ClearScore app launched on 21st December 2015 and is available for FREE on iOS and Android smartphones.