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GB Group boosts tracing services with e-Trace Batch

By CreditMan Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Includes access to 95.4 million consented phone numbers, the largest source of validated landline and mobile telephone data in the UK

GB Group, a global leader in Identity Management, has today enhanced its cutting edge tracing portfolio by unveiling e-Trace Batch, a new tool to help organisations validate and trust the accuracy of their databases.

Designed to solve a range of tracing issues, such as locating long lost pension funds and savings (particularly critical pending the new legislation), making contact with debtors and tracking down criminals, e-Trace Batch is the most comprehensive, cost-efficient and effective batch tracing tool in the market. The solution allows customers to conduct multiple checks at the same time. By matching individuals to information contained within multiple datasets, the new service ensures database compliance by providing customers with the most accurate identity information. e-Trace Batch enables companies to confirm residency status, validate and append accurate contact details including Date of Births (DOB) and trace individuals from their last known address to a new address.

Introduced to complement GB Group¡¦s market leading tracing tool, GB Accelerator e-Trace, the new solution draws on a wealth of intelligence to help organisations validate and update their databases. This includes access to 95.4m consented telephone numbers, the largest source of validated landline and mobile telephone data in the UK, taking the total pool of telephone numbers available to 107.2m. The solution also matches against over 800,000 insolvency records covering England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and millions of deceased and goneaway suppression records, to ensure sensitivity and compliance with industry guidelines. The software itself can process up to 500,000 rows of data per hour, delivering unrivalled, fast insights into customer databases, so they can trace and contact individuals quickly and responsibly.

Nigel Clark, Business Development Director at GB Group comments, ¡§e-Trace Batch is yet another first class release from our stable of Tracing products and services which demonstrates GB Group¡¦s dedication to Innovation, Quality and Excellence, a mantra that runs through the veins of everyone in the company.

"Feedback from customers through our dedicated Tracing consultants and our CustomerFirst programme is listened to and acted upon and in addition, the development team is constantly looking to the future and anticipating sector specific requirements to ensure our clients are always ahead of the curve."

e-Trace Batch is an intuitive online platform meaning clients can be up and running quickly.

"Identity data changes on a daily basis," said Josef Thoma, Head of Tracing at GB Group. "In the world of tracing, this presents a whole host of challenges, especially when an individual has changed their details deliberately, to avoid being traced. Using e-Trace Batch, organisations can validate data to ensure they have the most comprehensive and accurate identity details for individuals. It is particularly useful for analysing the quality of a pre-purchase debt book in terms of accuracy of existing data and potential uplift."

Thoma continued, "e-Trace Batch brings together more data than any other tracing tool on the market. It is all available through a single interface, is easy to use and delivers accurate results quickly and at low cost. We're excited about the impact it's going to have and the way in which it will help our customers."

Features of the new solution include:
- Telematching: Data is matched against 107.2m landline and mobile phone numbers;
- Data validation: Ensures numbers are live and connectable so any calls made are effective
- DOB appending: Increases match rates for Credit Referencing Agency (CRA) data
- Suppression: Enhances quality and data relevance, adhering to industry regulations by validating whether the individual has moved away from the given address or is deceased
- Insolvency data: Access to over 800,000 records to provide an understanding of credit and financial history
- Potential VOIP / business numbers: Identifies telephone numbers that are potentially VoIP or business lines, to help determine fraud
- Out of area telephone numbers: Flags numbers where the exchange code does not match the postcode to help identify false data
- Access to market leading address management technology: Enables the ability to accurately match flats and complex locations
- ISO 27001 accredited: Secure processing available 24/7