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German space ace shows the way to recovery

By CreditMan Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Expertise. Professionalism. Focus. A cool head. The ability to take decisions under pressure. The flexibility to respond to immediate problems without compromising long-term aims ... yes, the skills required of an astronaut and a turnaround specialist aren''t all that different.

That''s what Turnaround Management Association members will discover when they listen to the guest speaker at this year''s TMA Europe Conference in Berlin on 10-11 June. For addressing the pre-Conference banquet will be Western Europe''s first astronaut, German physicist Dr Ulf Merbold, who spent nearly 20 days in space on two NASA shuttle missions in 1983 and 1992 and over a month aboard the Russian space station Mir in 1994.

Now retired from a senior position at the European Space Agency, Dr Merbold is a well-respected inspirational speaker known for bringing a loftier perspective than usual to bear on more down-to-earth projects.

But Dr Merbold is only one of a stellar line-up of top-flight speakers at the Conference. Headlining as keynote speaker is legendary US bankruptcy attorney Harvey R Miller, who will discuss the general Motors Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well as European jurisdictional issues covering unions, suppliers, and Governments. He will be joined by Dr Andreas Dombret of the German Federal Reserve; Andrew Wilkinson, MD and Head of Restructuring at Goldman Sachs in London; Alexander Yerofeyev, partner at Ernst & Young (Russia), and many others.

TMA (UK) President Bryan Green, CEO of Gordon Brothers Europe, said: "In the current economic climate, demands on turnaround professionals are absolutely relentless and it''s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. If anyone can inspire us and remind us of the broader horizons, it''s Dr Merbold.

"But the Conference organisers have also lined up a galaxy of speakers with enormous practical experience and expertise in turnaround and recovery. The opportunity to share their wisdom and insight and to network with colleagues from all over Europe is simply too valuable to miss, especially as many of us are now operating not only in one country or even just within the EU, but in a genuinely pan-European environment."

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