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Graduates should be cautious when using online recruitment sites

By CreditMan Friday, June 18, 2010

With graduate unemployment increasing a staggering 44% last year, the highest it has been in a decade, the competition for jobs is very high. And with that pressure comes the risk of graduates cutting corners with the security of their personal information. Leading instant online credit information provider, Equifax, is therefore urging the graduates of 2010 to remain vigilant and wary of the dangers of ID fraud as they apply for jobs online and to think before giving out all of their personal details.

“Graduates have become increasingly reliant on online recruitment sites to secure employment” explained Neil Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax. “However, unfortunately, posting CV’s online can increase the risk of falling victim to ID fraud.

“When people are desperately looking for work, they sometimes place more trust than they should in websites they find and post an enormous amount of personal information online when they upload their CV. There are of course plenty of job recruitment sites that are reputable and secure, but fraudsters are unscrupulous and will use any method to obtain personal information. We are therefore urging job hunters to look closely at the sites they are using to ensure they are legitimate and secure before providing any information.”

The Metropolitan Police claims that it takes just 3 pieces of personal information to commit ID fraud. Equifax is, therefore, urging graduates to be cautious about what information they supply and ensure that they are not revealing too much. Equifax is also warning graduates not to succumb to ‘phishing’ emails they might receive asking for information in exchange for possible job interviews.

“It is completely understandable that graduates hitting the job market are going to want to get their CV out to as many potential employers as possible”, concluded Neil Munroe. “But they really must be careful with who and how much personal information they give away.”

To help protect graduates from becoming victims of ID fraud when trying to find their dream job, Equifax has put together the following tips:

Top tips to protect personal details when applying for jobs online;

• Don’t give out all your personal information on your CV when posting it online or making it available to others – you can always provide more information at a later date

• Ensure that the company or individual that has got in contact with you is genuine by carrying out some background checks on them

• Check that websites on which you upload personal details have security locks to reduce the risk of them being hacked into

• Never send any account details until you are totally sure that the job you have been offered is genuine and can transfer money securely.

• Make sure you have virus protection on your computer, regular updates on it, and a Firewall.

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