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ICM canvassing opinions for latest UK Credit Managers' Index

By CreditMan Thursday, July 4, 2013

The latest round of the ICM Credit Managers’ Index (CMI – Q2 2013) has opened with views from credit managers being sought to help compile the most comprehensive study of the credit industry and how businesses are currently managing their cash.

The CMI is a diffusion index, producing ‘scores’ of between one and 100 (typically in a range of 40 – 60).

Ten equally weighted factors are included – three favourable and seven unfavourable – and the index calculated on a simple average of the 10 factors. Credit Managers’ views and statistics are sought on such issues as applications for credit through to days sales outstanding.

The latest CMI (Q1 2013) prompted nearly 1,000 responses from credit managers working in both the Manufacturing and Services sectors. The companies were broadly split by region, although slightly weighted to businesses in London and the southeast.

Philip King, Chief Executive of the ICM, says that it is crucial for as many credit managers to take part as possible: “The CMI helps to assess business confidence and to accurately gauge the health of the economy, the information that credit managers can provide is vital to building an overview that helps to inform our members, Government departments and other business organisations.”

You can participate by going to the CreditMan website frontpage at and clicking on the UK Credit Managers' Index banner on the right hand side.