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ICM relaunches Online Services - Work, Learn & Qualify

By CreditMan Friday, July 29, 2011

The ICM e-learning system, developed by credit managers for credit managers, delivers a Virtual Learning Environment that is comprehensive,structured and cost effective. It is an open platform learning system comprising key benchmarking and tracking tools. These allow credit managers to set targets for their teams, track real-time progress, evaluate training needs and deliver departmental and personal assessments.

The fully integrated e-learning centre features advisory fact sheets, dynamic role plays and online tests to help embed the learning. Its unique and personalised approach can add real value to any organisation, developing individuals and teams and empowering them to exceed expectations. Ever wondered how to work out DSO or seen the results of a profit erosion calculator? All these facilities are part of the system.

They can customise this platform to fit alongside your current e-learning system, why not visit to conduct a free demonstration and to see what is available or give the ICM a call, they would be happy to talk you through the system or come in and demonstrate the product to you or your team. Call them on 01780 722907 or e-mail

The modern corporate credit department is under constant pressure to maximise the efficiency of the collections process, reduce debt and maintain cash-flow. It is immensely worthwhile to harness the benefits of current technology by making up-to-date training and support available and instantly accessible within the workplace. Individuals keen to hone their skills and forward-thinking teams alike can take advantage of the improvements in efficiency and cost savings that result from using online training and support services at their own desks.