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Jamie Waller comments on Justice Ministers’ announcement

By CreditMan Monday, January 16, 2012

Jamie Waller, star of Bailiffs, Beat the Bailiffs and the Enforcers, and now CEO of JBW the third largest debt recovery and enforcement provider in the UK has commented on the Justice Ministers’ announcement that the Government will be releasing an updated version of the National Standards to prevent aggressive bailiffs.

Waller said; “The Justice Minister and Government have done it again. One hour of bad press on ITV in 2011 has lead to a knee jerk reaction and a cut and paste job on the old standards. When will they realise that what is really needed is regulation that is compulsory and not voluntary? The Minister cannot keep hiding behind a set of voluntary guidelines and hope that the problem will just go away.

The bailiff industry is an important part of the Justice System. They enforce over 4m debt orders each year, of which approximately 86% of the people that are in debt are those that “won’t pay” rather than those that “can’t pay”. Without bailiffs, the taxation and fine system within the UK would be totally unsustainable. This alone should be a good enough reason for the Minister to spend some time and money doing what the public, bailiff industry and whole community want – a new simple to understand regulation that include guidelines, licensing requirements and a simple fee structure. Simply updating voluntary guidelines each time the press highlights bad practice is not good enough.”

He continued; “The majority of bailiff companies in the UK provide a valuable, ethical and important part in our Justice System. All we are asking the Justice Minister to do is give us the respect that we deserve and push through the consultation on new legislation and stop wasting time amending what is already a suitable set of voluntary guidelines.”

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