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Launch of Lowell Solicitors marks a new era for the Lowell Group

By CreditMan Monday, October 19, 2015

Lowell Group, a UK leader in consumer debt recovery services, today announces the launch of Lowell Solicitors Limited, creating a number of new roles within the Group.

Lowell Group is one of the few businesses in its industry which has applied, and gained approval from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), to operate its own Alternative Business Structure (ABS).

Lowell Solicitors will be based in the Group’s headquarters in Leeds and led by James Riley, Director of Legal Operations.

Sara de Tute, Lowell’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and Legal Counsel commented: “The launch of Lowell Solicitors is a huge step forward for us. It will have the same professional and ethical standards as the rest of the Lowell Group and is committed to ensuring customers are treated fairly and achieving fair outcomes.

“This is yet another milestone within Lowell Group’s remarkable journey of success. As well as the benefits experienced by our customers, Lowell Solicitors will also bring greater operational efficiencies. The creation of a law firm within the Group means that issuing legal instructions will be easier and our ability to share more customer insight and data will be strengthened. We will also be able to exert an even higher level of oversight, thereby offering more assurance to our clients and our regulators.”