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Leading economists to address Coface - UK & Ireland Country Risk Conference

By CreditMan Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leading economists Juan Gomez and Dr Mohamed Djeddour complete the line-up of speakers at the Coface – UK & Ireland Country Risk Conference in Manchester.

Mr Gomez, Head of Economic Strategy at Manchester’s Commission for the New Economy and Dr Djeddour, Head of International Business Programmes at Manchester Business School (MBS), will address more than 250 delegates at the half-day conference on Wednesday 9th June at the Palace Hotel, on Oxford Street.

They join previously announced speakers Philip King, chief executive of the Institute of Credit Management (ICM) and Coface economist Christine Altuzarra.

It is the first time that Coface, a leading provider of country, sector and business climate ratings and a world leader in credit management services, has staged the Conference outside of London.

As Head of Economic Strategy at the Commission for the New Economy, Mr Gomez is responsible for helping translate the results of the Manchester Independent Economic Review into a unitary and coherent strategy for the whole of the Manchester city region.

Prior to joining the Commission, Juan held a variety of senior consulting and advisory posts with the Canadian Government and consulting organisations such as Ombudsman Ontario and Think Tank Toronto specialising in urban regeneration, economic development, environmental protection and governance.

Mr Gomez will speak on ‘The North West Economy: Growth with Confidence?’ His speech will show that the worst effects of the recession have passed and why the North West is set for a modest rate of growth. The presentation will analyse how quick and robust this growth will be and what the risks and opportunities are for businesses trading in the region.

Dr Djeddour will speak on ‘The UK economy – exhaustion of the old model and prospects for a new growth path?’

He will speculate where the British economy may go as it emerges from the deepest recession for 60 years. The presentation will look at what options a post-election Government will have and what this will mean for businesses trading in the UK and overseas.

Dr Djeddour has been a member of staff at MBS since 1987 and has designed and taught courses at MBS and other institutions in the USA, mainland Europe, China, Russia and North Africa. His main subjects are strategy, the SME economy and entrepreneurship, venture capital and private equity, cross-cultural management, international business and the European business environment.

Before joining MBS, Dr Djeddour was head of the Strategy Department of a local authority and has widely consulted on strategic issues, particularly for oil companies and for the European Commission. He holds a degree in Economics and Finance, a French Doctorate in Strategic Planning, and a PhD from the University of Manchester.

Mr King’s address will be entitled ‘Out of Recession: Risk & Response’. As the UK emerges from a long and deep recession, he will explain how companies are beginning to benefit from an improvement in business. He will go on to demonstrate how best practice credit management practices, together with advice, training and other techniques can help mitigate the risks that accompany recovery.

Ms Altuzarra’s presentation ‘Coface Country Risk Assessment’ will focus on those countries where growth has begun to return along with those where economic recovery remains under threat and discuss why. Country and sector rating analysis is one of Coface’s key areas of expertise and enables international trade players to further secure their transactions.

Ms Altuzarra is an analyst in the Economic Studies and Country Risk Department of Coface in Paris, where she is primarily in charge of industrialised countries and sectors.

The Conference will be of benefit to finance directors and credit management professionals, their advisers and those with an interest in country risk.

The Conference will be hosted by Xavier Denecker, the managing director of Coface - UK & Ireland.

For further information on the Conference and how to attend please contact Heidi Cotsworth at Coface - UK & Ireland on email at