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Leigh Berkley appointed Vice President of FENCA

By CreditMan Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Leigh Berkley, President of the Credit Services Association (CSA), has been elected to the Board and appointed Vice President of the Federation of European National Collection Associations (FENCA), an umbrella body that serves to promote and develop European best practice, standards and legislation within the European debt collection industry.

This strategic re-positioning at the top of the CSA sees Leigh taking over the role from the CSA’s Chief Executive, Peter Wallwork, who has stepped down to focus on the growing number of member initiatives the CSA continues to deliver in the UK. It will ensure the CSA stays centre stage in Europe, and allow Leigh to continue his close engagement on European matters when his Presidency of the CSA concludes at the end of February 2017.

In his new role, Leigh will be working closely with the new FENCA President, Erwin Falkner, to drive the interests of the Associations’ members at the highest level: “My main role will be to progress Codes of Conduct for GDPR - the EU data protection regulation - and also the pan-European Code for collections,” he explains.

“The principal purpose will be to promote common standards and hopefully forestall the EU Commission bringing forward regulation that is the detriment of our members.”

The appointment ensures a continuity of the CSA Board among their peers on a European stage, and is particularly important coming so soon after the UK’s vote to leave the EU: “We need to ensure that we continue to play a leading role in promoting and protecting our members’ interests, particularly in light of a new Pan European Code,” he continues.

“My appointment means I can continue the excellent work that Peter has started, allowing him more time to focus on issues closer to home. As Vice President of FENCA and hopefully as an ongoing member of the CSA Board, I can not only continue our UK lobbying and stakeholder engagement, but also ensure our European interests remain fully represented.”

Having spent three years on the FENCA Board, Peter was thanked for his hard work, dedication and commitment by Piotr Badowski, Treasurer of FENCA, as well as for his professional insight. The appointments were announced at the FENCA World Congress in Berlin in September.