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M.A.H. International Corporation becomes CICM’s new Corporate Partner

By CreditMan Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Global export debt collector and international trade dispute resolution firm, M.A.H. INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (M.A.H.), has become the latest high profile name to enter into a Corporate Partnership with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).

M.A.H., a well-established Swiss corporation, was launched in 2003 to target the rapidly expanding Indian market. The company describes itself as conducting prime European operations, with legal services in over 65 countries and throughout all five continents, and says it has grown its Asian relationships to become a market leader.

M. Amendra-Hauser, President and CEO of M.A.H., believes the CICM’s members can benefit from its specialist expertise: “There is a large market in the UK for a specialist export debt collector, and the benefits we can provide, while building up personal relationships, will aid our ambitions for further expansion,” he says.

“With a cross-culture mentality built upon strong and successful legal relationships within specific localities, the Corporate Partnership is a win-win for all.”

M.A.H. says that its focus is on saving clients’ money: “We operate an efficient mediation service, which is so successful that only one percent of cases end in court proceedings,” he continues. “And within a 70% success rate, we resolve 99% of cases amicably – figures that can give great confidence to the CICM and its members.”

Philip King, Chief Executive of the CICM, believes there is great potential to both parties: “Within our membership are many export credit professionals who can use M.A.H.’s services, along with its cross-border debt collection speciality, to attain great value.”

M.A.H. uses localised resources to deliver specialist and sector-specific capabilities. It aims, wherever possible, to achieve amicable resolutions. Clients include multi-national corporations and smaller, niche export organisations, export credit insurers, governmental organisations, and other B2B customers in all industries.

For more information about M.A.H. INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, please contact Ms. Melina Schuler, M.A.H.’s Business Development Manager, on or call ++41 41 618 30 54.

For more information about CICM’s Corporate Partnership scheme, interested companies can contact Peter Collinson, CICM’s Director of Business Development and Marketing on or call +44 (0)1780 727273