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Neural Technologies releases 100% accurate Revenue Assurance solution

By CreditMan Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Risk management and analytics expert Neural Technologies has announced the release of Minotaur 10, featuring 100% accurate real-time rating capability. The newly released platform offers customers an enhanced value proposition with 5G and Big Data-ready functionality.

Minotaur 10 also features real-time data processing and includes smartphone and tablet data entry/incident reporting capabilities, integrated test call generation and introduction of NoSQL. Its enhanced rating capabilities and the ability to connect directly to any data source in the OSS or BSS stack remove the need for any intermediary software, meaning operators will experience lower complexity, faster integration and fewer third-party costs.

Luke Taylor, CCO and Deputy CEO of Neural Technologies commented: “The need to move from pseudo-rating to more accurate and complete revenue invoicing has never been greater. The marketplace is highly competitive and has extensive service offerings and complex tariff plans, so we felt it important to ensure Minotaur 10 had a complete end-to-end rating engine, meaning it is 100% accurate, down to the cent. CFOs and those in charge of revenue assurance will be able to ensure all proceeds are collected and identified precisely, as well as being directed to fraud scenarios as they occur in the network, enabling them to prioritise resources based on loss value and risk.

“We believe Minotaur 10 will make our Revenue Assurance solution the most accurate on the market - even down to identifying discounts per customer, at any level of complexity - and we are already implementing it for several customers.”

The direct connection simplifies connecting of new devices and networks which will grow enormously as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT). Communications Service Providers that implement Minotaur 10 will experience faster operational speeds because of the direct connection from data sources to the platform.

Minotaur 10 will support all of NT’s risk management solutions; Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, Credit Risk Management, Mobile Money and Collections. Existing customers will be able to take advantage of the new platform as part of their maintenance contracts, and all new installations of Neural’s products will feature Minotaur 10.

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