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New ID document checks help verify right to reside in the UK

By CreditMan Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Following recent updates to its identity verification solution, Tracesmart has enhanced the scope of its ID check facility, IDU, with two additional document checks. The new ID Card and Travel Visa screening options will now assist users to establish a person’s right to reside in the UK in addition to confirming the individual’s identity.

The two new features are able to verify a range of identity documents; the ID Card tool screens EU ID cards, UK National ID cards and UK Residence Permits; the Travel Visa tool can be used to verify UK and European visas and UK Entry Clearance documents. Supplementing the identity check process, verification of these documents will help users to establish an individual’s eligibility to stay in the UK. Tracesmart’s Managing Director, Mike Trezise highlights how this additional application will aid IDU clients;

“As the UK Government puts more measures in place to tackle the illegal immigration issue, it is essential that organisations and individuals have appropriate controls in place to protect themselves from having unlawful dealings with illegal immigrants which could see them hit with punitive fines.

Employing an individual who is not entitled to be in the UK already carries a hefty fine and it is likely that providing accommodation to illegal immigrants will also carry a substantial levy in the near future. IDU’s new document checks will help UK businesses to establish an individual’s right to be in the country and protect their organisation.”

The new ID Card and Travel Visa tools are two of several new features in IDU version 3.1. Its users can now verify whether or not the subject owns the stipulated property through IDU’s PRS (Property Register Search) tool which links directly into the Land Registry. Additionally, the new Bankmatch Live feature will verify whether or not an individual’s bank account details are registered to them and to their address. Both of these tools have a significant value when attempting to confirm an individual is who they say they are and IDU users can expect many more new features to be released in the future, as Chris Rothwell, Sales Director at Tracesmart, comments.

“We believe the more extensive the identity check, the more confidence you can have in an individual’s claim to be who they say they are. With this in mind we continually develop new features and source more data to help our clients truly know their customers.

The latest version of IDU is testament to this commitment, providing four new robust tools with which to facilitate comprehensive identity verification.”

In addition to the new features, the latest version of IDU also includes several more datasets – Scottish sequestrations, Northern Irish bankruptcies and Debt Relief Orders for England & Wales are now utilised as part of the insolvency check function. These additions considerably enhance the product’s insolvency data footprint, and provide users with an even greater degree of intelligence.

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