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New series of seminars for construction industry

By CreditMan Monday, November 12, 2012

Chantrey Vellacott has recently partnered with Systech International to run a series of seminars for businesses operating in the construction industry. The first of these events which will be held at our Birmingham office on 30 November at 8.30am. The topic of the seminar is 'Lessons to be learnt from a disastrous project', and it will examine the recent Walter Lilly vs. Mackay case described by the judge presiding over the case as a “disaster waiting to happen”.

Topics Covered
The judge in the recently heard case of Walter Lilly v Mackay described the project as a "disaster waiting to happen". The case provides guidance on the preparation of claims and the management of disputes as well as valuable lessons on how [and how not] to manage a project.

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