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OnGuard and Credit Tools announce merger

By CreditMan Thursday, January 5, 2017

OnGuard and Credit Tools are combining forces and are announcing a merger. As a result, the position of the new organisation as market leader in credit management software in Europe will be further strengthened. The new name of the organisation will be announced at a later stage. OnGuard and Credit Tools are both strong and profitable companies with excellent possibilities for further growth. The merger will optimise the innovative capacity so that the organisation can continue to fulfill its strategic pioneering role for customers in the entire order-to-cash process.

The new organisation

The new company will be located at the existing office locations in Nederhorst den Berg and Zaltbommel. The merger will not cause any redundancies. Bert van der Zwan, former CEO of OnGuard, will be appointed as CEO and Pim van der Hagen, former CEO of Credit Tools, will be appointed as COO of the new company.

Bert van der Zwan: "The two companies are a perfect fit. The merger means we will benefit from a substantial increase in economies of scale with regard to product development as well as regarding the go-to-market. We look forward to building an innovative and successful future together with Credit Tools".

Pim van der Hagen: "I am very excited about this combination of the two leading credit management software companies in the Netherlands. Together, we will be able to realise our global ambitions.”

About OnGuard
OnGuard develops software with which companies can integrate and structure their accounts receivables, from credit and collections management to complaints management and cash allocation. OnGuard makes it easy to share critical information real time so that the same information is available to everyone involved in the order-to-cash process. More than 20 years of knowledge and experience combined with unparalleled enthusiasm makes OnGuard a unique company. Companies in over 50 countries worldwide make use of OnGuard every day for successful credit management and tangible results.

About Credit Tools
Credit Tools has been developing and implementing credit management software for over 15 years. It has expanded into a leading innovative solution provider in the field of debtor management, collections, credit monitoring and management and the automatic processing of payments. Credit Tools has extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of the business processes of its customers. It is therefore able to offer solutions to its customers that add value to the optimisation of the credit management process.