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Plane drama's soar-away ending

By CreditMan Monday, July 21, 2008

A plane seizure at an old airfield in Sheffield meant high drama for Sherforce enforcement officers – but that didn’t stop them delivering on their promise to a client.

The officers, who work for Shergroup, the UK’s leading professional services outsourcing company specialising in enforcement, had been asked by a client to recover a debt worth £9,200.

The debtor owned two planes languishing in a hangar at the airfield. When Sherbond officers went to the site, they were met by the debtor and six other individuals who prevented them seizing the light aircraft.

Claire Sandbrook, chief executive of Shergroup, said: “In the event, my officers had to call the local police but the debtor was able to jump in the plane and fly it away.

“However, Shergroup will always pursue debtors on behalf of clients. My officers simply turned their attention to the debtor’s second plane in the same hangar.

“A week later, they seized it. Once they received the relevant paperwork, they called in experts to dismantle the wings from the body and the whole plane was taken by road to be sold.”

She added: “With authorisation from a High Court writ, Shergroup will seize anything, from light aircrafts, to herds of cows, high performance cars and the contents of shops – no matter how difficult it may seem.”

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