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Positive change at Scotcall Group

By CreditMan Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On March 1st 2015, Scotcall Group and its companies will all combine to operate under a single name – Fidélité Credit Management Ltd.

This positive change is the natural step for a company which has consistently innovated, developed new services and technologies and delivered results, every time. From our inception we have operated ethically and with integrity, leading in the principle of treating customers fairly long before legislation was in place. More and more over that same period, it has become clear that we have, quite simply, outgrown the name of ‘scotcall’.

It’s time for us to address this and to ensure that we are future-proofed for the latest and coming challenges within our industry.

Scotcall Group and its companies have always proudly stood for all that is ethical in our industry; fidélité will officially launch on 1st March in an equally strong position, primed for leadership within the new landscape of the post-FCA credit sector.

Source - Company press release