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Debt Collection

Real-time analytics to boost collections revenues for Santander's bank Zachodni WBK

By CreditMan Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bank Zachodni WBK (part of the Santander Group), is the first bank in Poland to implement collections and recovery platform, FICO® Debt Manager™9. This move is helping Zachodni to progress in Poland’s challenging debt market and remain the debt collection frontrunner in both the Polish market and the Santander Group, as the platform delivers new capabilities such as real-time responses to events. It helps users to carefully manage collections activities, ensure positive customer service, and maintain regulatory compliance.

“We have verified the market available solutions, and we are sure that this is the best collections solution for us,” said Robert Pikula, who heads the Credit Recovery and Assets Restructuring Area at this universal bank.

Zachodni, the third largest bank in Poland, has been a loyal FICO customer for over 15 years and continues to benefit from its advanced analytics to increase collections revenues.