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Romford’s companies are leading the way in Britain

By CreditMan Monday, October 26, 2015

Romford’s companies are leading the way in Britain, showing strong growth in both sales and business numbers.

The North East London town is ranked highest in the country when taking into account its superior percentage of fast-growing companies and significant net increase in the number of incorporated businesses. Three in 10 (30 per cent) Romford businesses are among Britain’s fastest-growing, while the number of companies registered there has increased by 10 per cent over one year. One in five Romford businesses were formed by entrepreneurs last year and its start-up rate of 22 per cent is the highest in Britain.

Six of the top 10 prospering areas are within the M25. Romford is followed by North London, Ilford and East London, which have all been driven by a substantial net gain in company numbers. But areas outside the capital are also thriving, with Motherwell, Luton, Warrington and Lincoln also featuring prominently on the list.