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Scottish Councils’ debt sets bad precedent for population, says Trust Deed Scotland

By CreditMan Friday, March 20, 2015

The reaction comes following an article in the Guardian detailing new figures that have just been released that show Scottish councils to owe around twice as much per household than their counterparts in England and Wales, something the debt support company believe will help the current personal debt situation across the country.

Data from the Accounts Commission has shown that the total debt for the 32 local councils throughout Scotland owe a combined total of £14.8 billion, a figure that equals to an average of £6,166 per household. The same statistic for councils in England is stated to be around £3,100 per household, whereas in Wales the figure is just £2,825.

The report is designed to present the public with a general overview of the operation processes of local government in Scotland over the last twelve months, with an eye to give further information and perspective to the electorate as we move towards May’s general election.

Scottish authorities have borrowed upwards of £12 billion to finance public projects such as social housing, schools, roads and community facilities. A spokesperson for Trust Deed Scotland, experts in financial recovery services across the country, has released a statement following the report: “The growing culture of borrowing throughout Scotland is something that is a cause of great concern to many of the population, and it appears that even local governments are finding it difficult to set a positive precedent when it comes to this issue.

“Here at Trust Deed Scotland, we deal with a huge number of clients on a daily basis, all whom have found themselves in serious financial difficulty in the recent past. It’s absolutely integral to the rehabilitation of these people that the right example is set by both Holyrood and Westminster in order to prevent the number of those in serious debt to continue to rise, but figures like this do very little to instil us with confidence that this change may be occurring.”

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