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Debt Collection

See High Court Enforcement Officers in action

By CreditMan Monday, July 22, 2013

After two series of the record breaking hit TV show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”, the BBC has commissioned four one-hour ‘specials’ to be broadcast on BBC1 at 7pm from tonight.

Each programme follows Enforcement Officers from The Sheriffs Office as they travel across the country attempting to recover debts on behalf of judgment creditors.

The debtors range from rogue traders right up to well-known multinational corporations, including some of the world’s largest banks, IT companies and aeroplane manufacturers.

Most are reluctant to pay up despite their legal requirement to do so. If payment isn’t forthcoming we have the power to seize goods, cars, jewellery, or any other asset of value, frequently recovering what is owed, but not before some difficult confrontations.

Highlights include:
We go to Southend Airport and seize an aeroplane belonging to a debtor who doesn’t want to pay what he owes. Will being grounded do the trick?

After waiting three months for payment, sheep shearer Brian got a judgment and put us on the case - but will we have to seize the sheep?

Will 86 year old Hilda ever see the £4,000 she paid out of her savings to a builder who left her roof in a worse state than before?

In an epic standoff with a car dealer, can we get Dr Ben his money back?

Can we avoid the booby traps set by squatters in the empty Cross Keys pub in Cheyne Walk?

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