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Shergroup delivers - and brings to an end the occupation of land outside St Paul's Cathedral

By CreditMan Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Over 50 Shergroup officers joined with City of London police and Corporation of London officials to bring an end to the Occupy site at the steps of St Paul's in London on the evening of Monday 27th February.

The eviction was successfully carried out by Shergroup -the leading company of High Court Enforcement Officers and legal services providers - whose officers executed the Writ in strict accordance with their operational plan and with regard to stringent health and safety parameters.

The execution of the High Court Order took place after weeks of legal wrangling and built upon the 'softly - softly' approach instigated by City officials and insisted upon by those responsible for the Cathedral and its grounds in order to achieve a safe outcome to the eviction of those protesters who had decided to set up camp at the steps of the historic Cathedral (built in the latter part of the 17th century by Sir Christopher Wren and now one of the most iconic buildings in the world) whilst at the same time ensuring minimal disruption to the general public.

The eviction itself was carried out with the precision and efficiency with which Shergroup is synonymous, and the entire operation was completed within 4 hours. The operation involved not only clearing protesters, tents and property, but also involved removing a group of about a dozen hard-core protestors who made a final stand perched on a barricade of rickety pallets, from which they were removed safely, and the removal of another protestor who had to be removed from a tree.

It is believed that 20 arrests were made for obstruction and public order offences.

A simultaneous eviction at another Occupy site in a former school building in Islington was also carried out by Shergroup, again this was carried out swiftly and effectively.

Claire Sandbrook, Chief Executive of Shergroup and an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer commented: "We are always pleased when a high profile matter such as this goes off without incident. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of London officials who have worked with us on every detail to ensure the safety of the public along with our policing partners in the City of London and Metropolitan Police services. It is vital that the enforcement of High Court orders sets the standard for every eviction carried out in England and Wales, and we believe our approach is now at a world class standard incorporating as it does the very real need to work to policing standards and also to ensure the safety of everyone involved or present at the site in question".